Monday, August 2, 2010

So, the wash was up and Etsy was down and I...

...just kept on 'truckin'!  *roflol*

I had great plans to get things listed like crazy and to mow all my weeds this weekend ;-)  Both had to wait a bit *lol* The weeds are still waiting for a sunny day to dry us up a bit out here!  In the meantime, I will get a bit more caught up with all my online friends.  *whew* Thanks for all the comments and visits while I was with my family =)  I appreciate you all dropping by!  I am officially back now *laughs* finally!

And here is what I came back to...

Got up Sunday morning and looked outside...
Hmmm - really wet out there!

...massive puddle for the horses and...
Mr. Hershey was not amused.  He did NOT want to walk through it!  lol!

When I went to church, I saw that the wash was running.
Today, it was over the road and the sherriff was blocking the road
this morning.  I heard that the water was down tonight.
*roflol*  You know you have lived in the country for a while,
when you don't check the road unless you will need to go somewhere soon =p
Miss Lazy Bones will check it tomorrow and give you an updated report then!  lol!

The only place I planned to go today was Etsy to list some new artwork.  However, Etsy had a little listing glitch =p so I just wrote up stuff and saved it to cut and paste later.

Oh - hey - this would be later!  Guess I had better get on over to my Etsy shop and show off some new artwork ;-)  Care to join me?



  1. Kathy--glad you had a good visit with family!
    That is quite a bit of rain!

  2. Good thinking on the cut and paste... figures when you find time to do something you cant!

  3. Wow Kathy, that was alot of rain! I can't wait to see the new items in your shop ;o) I'm glad you had a nice time with your family;o)

  4. That is a lot of rain! I can't blame Mr. Hershey for not wanting to go through all that. I really enjoyed visiting your Etsy shop. You do beautiful work and I especially love your watercolor horses. Thanks for your visit at my place!

  5. I just love days when you don't even care if the roads are just stay in and have a good time at home :)

  6. LOL Too funny! Wow that is a lot of water! Welcome Back!

  7. Thanks, Splendid - it was a 'fair good amount'!

    Thanks, Pam - good to be back - missed you!

    Me, too, memories! Going to have one of those days tomorrow! woohoo!

    Thanks, dellartist - your artwork is lovely, too! Glad you stopped by =) lol - Hershey is glad it is drying up a bit ;-)

    Thanks, Marlene - still trying to get caught up! I missed checking in with all my favorite people!

    Thanks, Magic =) I have listed some and I have more to list! And ideas that are about to explode onto paper ;-)

    LOL - Keeper's - so totally true! I try to keep a second set of plans (or 3rd... or 4th... lol) for just such days ;-)

  8. My all I can say. :)

  9. Lots of water, huh?! Well, Carole, at least it dries up fast =)


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