Monday, August 23, 2010

Right before your Monday explodes... might get a picture if you have your camera focused and ready!

And, what, you might be wondering is this explosion going to look like seconds later?  Well, I don't have pictures of it, though I imagine that it looked pretty funny =p  (especially since everything turned out okay! *roflol*)  You will just have to visualize what happened...

• From this point, Hershey started shaking his head like crazy, he changed direction, and he headed straight for me... well, not at a 'dead run' - he's 23 years old!  So, let's just say 'with a hurried purpose', okay.

• I was backed up to the chicken coop, so I just waved at him to let him know I preferred not to be his road.

• At that moment, the poop hit the fan.  More accurately, the wasp hit my chin.  I can move pretty fast for an over the hill gal!

• Hershey went to the left and the wasp and I went to the right.  Ummm...  it wasn't my idea to take the wasp with me.  I waved my hat to chase it away.  Nicely, mind you...  just a little wave...

• By this time, the wasp was really mad and the hat waving did not have the desired effect.  Then things got interesting...

• You know what will make a wasp really really mad?  Let it get caught in your hair.  Actually, I don't recommend that at all...  I ripped the scrunchie out of my hair (yeah, my hair is pretty long...) and whacked myself on the head repeatedly with my hat while I listened to the cranky wasp buzz in my hair.  This was not my most peaceful moment of the day - just in case you were wondering...

• Eventually, I must have whacked it sufficiently to let it know that I was not happy to have it as part of my latest hairdo because it took its cranky self away and I ducked into my barn. 

I 'took inventory' and figured that I was okay, but I wondered how long I could stay in the barn. Overnight? …sounded like a good plan for about three seconds. It's hot in there.

I opened the door a little (coward that I am) and peeked out to see if there was any critter flying around out there. Nope. So I bravely sauntered 'with purpose' to the house. By the way, I still had the camera, hat, and scrunchie in my possession =) hehe - I think that counts for something! *lol*

After that, I didn't do anything for the rest of the day except watch the horses while I did some artwork. Oh, yeah - and I blogged ;-)

So how was your Monday?



  1. lol, but I am sure it was not funny at the time. Glad you did not get stung.

  2. Hahaha! Much funnier after the fact I'm sure but quite the entertaining course of events! Glad he didn't sting you!

  3. OK. So I love your horse photo! great colors, so free and pastoral. Then I read about your little episode. You have such talent for turning an awful predicament into a humorous tale! smiling (although it must have been quite unsettling). glad you didn't get stung; glad it wasn't me.

  4. BackyardNaturePhotosAugust 24, 2010 at 1:12 AM

    I hate it when something flies into my hair. Swear I could hear it buzzing and glad you didn't get stung.

  5. LOL!! Sorry to laugh Kathy! I know it wasn't funny, but I'm just playing everything that happened to you in my mind! I'm glad you didn't get stung! And, my monday was boring, compared to yours! Have an exciting tuesday ;o)))

  6. Me? I probably would've been stung!

  7. You were so lucky! I had a bee stuck in this wild mane when I was younger. I was so freaked that I actually grabbed the thing with my fingers. And got stung.
    Someone told me that the bee would now die--as if I cared at that point:)

  8. Kathy, your a funny girl, love your horses, we use to have some, but just didn't have the room for the. So glad you won the battle!! :)

  9. Yikes! Glad you made it back to the house safely!

  10. oh my goodness, I could picture the comedy in my mind, lol!
    glad you weren't stung, those buggers hurt!

  11. *roflol* Well, actually, when that naughty bugger hit my chin it did sting me, but it didn't get a 'good hold' as we say ;-) so I only have a small little knot and it doesn't hurt at all. That was, however, what got me moving so fast *lol* in the other direction. Thankfully, it didn't sting me while it was trapped in my hair =p

    I have to admit that while I was smacking myself on my head with my hat, I was wondering if any neighbors were watching *lol* and wondering what that 'crazy gal' was doing now! That thought did strike me as a bit funny!

    And you all are allowed (indeed, encouraged!) to laugh! I wouldn't want anyone to choke while trying not to giggle ;-) I am sure it was quite a sight to see! *roflol*

    Thanks for all the comments =)

  12. LOL, did have a hard day. :)

  13. Kathy- I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for praying for me. We all need to have our "sense of humor"---like you seem to be always able to write about here----and sometimes it is hard to keep! Anyway, thanks for being a friend.

  14. I can see tell a good story, Kathy! Glad you escaped the wasp and avoided the horse, too. Things are much more exciting in your neck of the woods :D

  15. Ah - but I survived, Carole ;-)

    (((hugs))) Linda - I am so glad that God created humor =) I certainly helps me over the 'bumps' that life can offer! You are welcome!

    Lee - *lol* Yep - things can get a little crazy out here =p Fortunately, it's not like that every day!

  16. Ok I stopped reading once I heard about the wasp in your hear, too much info lol. Sounds like a fun day!

  17. *roflol* It's okay, Pam - everything turned out just fine! lol!


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