Sunday, August 8, 2010

The next time you whine...

I have a cure for the whines for you.  It never fails for me!

Meet my friend, Margie.  Margie inspires me and when I think about her, I forget to whine and I start to think about what I can do.

Margie lives modestly, and gives much.  She tutors children who are learning English.  She plays bridge once a week.  She goes to the theater (live theater - not movies!) twice a month with one of her sons.  At dinner, they will discuss all sorts of things including current events, politics and religion.  She travels to Germany twice a year to see her other son, his wife and her darling little granddaughter.  She is very active in her church where she has been the Clerk of Session for 31 years.  She takes her 90 year old friend to her doctor's appointments.

Oh, yeah - and Margie was 83 when her granddaughter was born.  Recently she had to give up her weekly volunteer work at the Urban Ministries because she couldn't stand all day any more.  Compression fractures in her spine were causing her too much pain...  In September, Margie will celebrate her 89th birthday.

I have known Margie all my life - and what a blessing she has been!  My sister and I visited her this summer and we had a wonderful time.  She is as lively as ever and as much fun as she was when I was six and she lived with us.  One of my favorite people - and a shining example of how to live and live well!

Cure your whines?  Sure made mine go away!  Think I'll go smile a while and then say a little prayer for Margie.  Care to join me?


PS  This is a picture of her with a doll that I gave her many years ago.


  1. Ohhh...precious. Send her a big hug from Alaska for me! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Jane/ BackyardNaturePhotosAugust 9, 2010 at 2:41 AM

    What an inspiration! Another hug here.

  3. What a brilliant lady she is! thank you for the inspiration, no more whining from me today :-)

  4. Definitely inspires me to embrace the day.

  5. Margie sounds like a very special lady! No whine from me today!

  6. What a wonderful heartfelt post! Sure put a smile on my face :)

  7. Happy Early Birthday Margie ;o) Kathy, she has a beautiful smile! You are blessed to know her and I'm happy you shared your friendship with us ;o)

  8. Thanks everyone! Margie is quite a lady. No surprise to you all that this is just the 'tip of the ice berg' as far as her life is concerned! I am blessed - and so delighted that you enjoyed sharing this blessing =)

  9. Wow what an inspiration she is. And a beautiful woman!

    (I can't believe I am 12 posts behind on your blog, whoa!)

  10. Thanks, Pam - Margie is incredible!

    That's okay - you are one very busy person! ***wow***!

  11. She is sooooo inspiring! Margie is an amazing woman and I am sooo blessed by her!


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