Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have a little fun! Share your talent!!!

Want to have a fun afternoon?

Want to enjoy some time with other artists and crafty people?

Want to give yourself a 'creative jump start'?

Want to encourage other artistic people?

Want to use your creative talents in a variety of ways?

Well, here's a great way to do that:  Share what you know!

You don't have to have a teaching degree to share what you love to do.  You don't have to rent a hall, sell tickets, and advertise on the radio.  You don't have to have a five week course with Power Point and fifty handout sheets. 

All you need is YOU!

If you are a member of a local arts group, you know that they are always looking for people to give talks and demonstrations.  Give others the benefit of what you have learned and volunteer your time to one of your local arts groups.

When you do that, you will find that the preparation for the class will spur you on to try some new techniques yourself - or to perfect ones you already know.

You may even find that a new way to share your talent on a regular basis is to teach others to do what you do!   Art groups, recreation centers, senior centers, and art and craft stores are just a few of the places that offer classes.  There is no reason that you could not be one of their teachers *grins* and that could lead to a little extra income from your artwork, too! 

So what do you think of my sunflower?  Nope, that is not a 'work in progress' - that is a demonstration that I did recently for the High Desert Artists, a local art group in Chino Valley.  See my little notes in the last picture?  I was demonstrating how to use a lot of different types of drawing and sketching materials.

  • I had a ton of fun talking about art!
  • It was lots of fun to encourage other artists to try some drawing materials that they hadn't used before.
  • It was nice to share ideas with a group of other artists.  Their questions about some of the materials let me to try some experiments during the demo!
  • The drawing and 'playing' that I did to prepare for my demonstration pushed me out of my recent *sagging* art days (yes, I have them, too!).
  • And, they paid me *big smile*
So, you say that don't like to talk to groups of people?  Okay - grab a friend and spend a creative afternoon!  You will be surprised how many fun ideas you will share and how much you can get done.  Trust me!  It's worth an afternoon to try it *nudge*nudge*

And it will motivate you to create - which was one of our main questions way back when I asked all you creative people to tell me what The Question you always wanted to ask!  Yeah, that's not the original post - but that post has the list of all the questions on it *grins* check them out!
Do you have new questions?  Post them in the comments!  I have posted answers to some and I have new information to post on others.  "Stay tuned for the Rest of the Story!"


  1. You are such an inspiration! I really need to take this to heart and just do it!!!

  2. Kathy, it is wonderful that you share your talent and yourself. It is something I will think about doing once my house is finished. Until then I will go to my sister's and we will nudge each other.

  3. Sharing is truly inspirational and motivating to boot! I started a Sewing Circle at church and I was more blessed than the folks I was teaching - the same goes for our Ladies Night In craft group. I have learned so much from others, including you! I never would have gotten into the porcelain doll world if not for your encouragement to take the class. Even your Nana inspired me - I never would have thought of making placemats and other things from "lowly" twine when I didn't have the money to buy "real" supplies, but for her inspiration! It is so wonderful to pass on our knowledge and use our God-given talents to teach others. Thank you for sharing this post - hopefully it will inspire others to get out there and share their knowledge too!

  4. Awww - thanks, Karin! Wow - and remember all the fun we had making those litte cheerleader costumes!
    So very true - I think that I have always been *very* blessed by teaching others - not to mention, learning a lot from others in the process of sharing information =)

    Wow - I should do a post about Nana and her crochet =D I still have hot mats, placemats, purses, table runners.... *lol* She crocheted well into her 80s.

    What fun, Marlene - for all three - getting the house finished, having fun nudging your sister (and being nudged back!), and sharing with others later! Love your artwork =)

    Thank you Graceful! *winks* consider yourself ***nudged***!

  5. Oh my, how could either of us forget the cheerleader costumes?! What fun - I learned how to use a serger and Steve learned that tofu is good! LOL!!! Yes, yes, yes to the Nana crochet post! I still have that set of placemats she gave me and they are still in use! My Grandma Howard crocheted up until her late 80s, when she lost most of her eyesight - you cannot believe the afghans we weeded out when we cleaned up that house after she passed! I though I was a prolific crocheter, but she put me to shame!

  6. I think things like that keep us young! Such a great way to exercise the brain and keep the hands moving =D

  7. Wow Kathy, you should really do some art with pats black and white lines, parts color just like you did here. Is it ever beautiful.

    I bet people really enjoyed your demonstration.

  8. That sounds like fun, Pam! I think I will try that =) I did have a lot of fun and so did the High Desert Artists members =) Demonstrations are fun to do =)


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