Friday, August 20, 2010

Feed me, Mama!!!! Funtry Friday Fun!

Okay, I think this has a total cuteness factor!  This is a baby barn swallow and there are a couple in the nest behind this squawky little fellow.

If you look closely at the nest, you will see a chicken feather to the left and an emu feather to the right.  International, by bird standards, I would say *winks* 

Check out the crazy little nest addition, too!  What you see there is the swallow 'mud' going along the metal traverse rod for Lorie and Tim's barn door.  Apparently the swallows create a sort of 'crib' for the babies.  After they are big enough to get out of the nest and before they can fly, the babies will run back and forth between the nest edge and the wall.  This is actually the second batch of babies hatched in this nest this year which is why we know that.

Where is the nest?  *roflol* Right above the door into the barn which is on the porch outside their 'bunkhouse' where everyone 'parks' to visit.  These swallows are very social!  They did NOT pick a quiet, out of the way place to pitch their tent.

Awwww - this is almost as cute as the swallows!  That's big sister giving her brother a boost up to see the babies.  Definitely a hit with the grandkids!

Hope the swallows are a hit with you, too!  Happy fun in the country Friday to you!


  1. Kathy, I love this post!! So cute!! We had some robbins nest on top of a ladder we left outside. We wouldn't move it till the babies left! It's weird sometimes where birds pick to nest! Have a great weekend ;o))

  2. Thanks, Crow =) It is amazing where birds find to nest. Too funny about the robbins!

  3. Awww! What a cute baby bird! Such a sweet big sister too for helping her little brother see the babies!

  4. Cute indeed. I love seeing baby birds. We have Lavender Swifts that nest in the eaves of our house, they are social also as it is right by our driveway and the door everyone uses. I could not get a picture though as I don't have a good enough camera and our roof is high at that point.

  5. Baby birds are so cute :) Thanks for sharing your pics!

  6. Thanks, Beaded =) Cute and noisy!

    Thanks, Beth!

    How fun, Marlene! *lol* Cheyenne took the picture with my camera while standing on a bench! She is standing on the bench in the picture, too.

    You are welcome, memories! I love baby birds, too =)

  7. Awww. They are CUTE! Can't believe they chose to nest right over the door!

    OTOH, we have house sparrows (think they're sparrows). Their nest is just above my kitchen window. They'll land on the string holding up the hummingbird feeder and watch me through the window. Until they see the camera, and then they fly off, quicker than I can ever click the shutter! Little teases. =oP

  8. *roflol* Anitra - too funny! Glad you enjoyed them =)

    Thanks, Splendid!


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