Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where did the creative spark begin?

Where, when or who did you learn your handmade craft from?  This is the question that was posed by BWSilver, one of the Etsy Blogger Team members.

Sometimes we forget where our creative beginnings were.  We forget to look back on where we started, what we have learned, and how our talents have grown.  It's a good idea to pause and take a little trip down 'memory lane' once in a while - just to see where you started and how far you have come.  I did that, and look what I found!

Here is a little drawing I did in grade school...

...of one of my bookends!
(Gee, are you surprised that I had horse bookends???
*roflol* or that I still have them???)

And here's another 'first project' for you!

This is my first sewing project -
done when I was about 5 years old - before I was in school!

You can see my most current sewing project in yesterday's post, A horse is a horse, of course...  I think that Nana would have liked this little critter!  Nana, my mother's mother, taught me to sew before I was in school - starting with choosing the buttons and sewing them on this little scrap of fabric.

Both of my parents were very creative.  Both of them painted at one time, and both of them always encouraged my artistic endeavors.  I did the little sketch when I was about 8 years old I think.  Want to see what I do now?  Check out my Etsy shop, tapestry316, and you can see what's on my easel now!

Yes - both of my parents were a bit sentimental and they liked to keep the things that brought back fond memories.  And, not surprisingly, so do I!

What charming little momento of your early creative ventures do you have?  I hope it brings back happy memories to you!



  1. I started my artistic endeavors with crayons on our front porch in Maine - no really, ON the front porch. I had to scrub the porch - very early lesson learned! My Mom taught me to embroider, our maid in Peru taught me to knit - the rest I learned by myself and with the help of a very good Home Ec program in HS!! I still have my first sampler, a drawing of my sister, Susan and one of my dog, Cindy.

  2. Awww, sweet drawing and very good for 8. I remember coming home from school one afternoon and mom had bought each of us girls a big crochet hook and some rug yarn and had started us a round rug. We sat down by her on the couch and she taught us to crochet. I was probably 7 or 8. My aunt also was a big influence as when we went to her house she always had some sort of craft project or another for us to do.

  3. I remember drawing a lot when I was a kid, and singing and dancing and collecting rocks. Mom and Grandmother tought me to sew an d crochet, embroider, everything but cook! They couldn't get me interested in that!

  4. LOL - Karin, I had forgotten about Home Ec! And the lined dress... Love your 'coloring' story! hehe!

    What fun, Marlene, that you all got to do your projects together!

    Love it, Beantree - I still love collecting rocks ;-) Sounds like you had lots of fun with your mom and grandmother!

  5. It's so great that you still have some of your original art work! I remember getting art supplies or kits of every kind for Christmas! I remember spending hours and hours on paint-by-number pictures, and mosiacs, etc. Didn't graduate to sewing till I was older.

  6. Cool idea to post about what got us on the road we're on now!. You've inspired me to do a post like this.

    That is a sweet drawing of a horse.

  7. So nice that you still have those sweet memories. Thanks for sharing

  8. How cool that you have your first painting and your first sewing project!

    I have a box with old school stuff but haven't hauled out out in a long time!

  9. Linda - how fun! I did a lot of paint by numbers, too =)

    Thanks, Juana =) I will look forward to you post!

    Thanks, Carole - glad you liked it!

    Aw - Pam, haul it out! I keep my little pile of grade school drawings in my desk and I look at them often =) My little sewing project is handy, too - fun memories ;-)

  10. WOW! It's so neat that you have those "original" works.
    I started sewing doll clothes at 5 (my Gramzy was a whiz with a needle and my Gramma taught me crochet) and embroidery soon after. Sewed my finger to my two piece bathing suit at 14 (wasn't supposed to use the sewing machine when I was home I had to resolve that myself or get what for. Made quilts in my 20's but never made one for me.
    I've moved too many times to have anything other than an old sketchbook with a few drawings and some quilt designs and my first watercolor.
    This post is great, Kathy!

  11. Thanks, Dora =)

    Wow, Lee - I bet that little sewing adventure hurt a bit =p Nana taught me to crochet, too - and Mom taught me to knit =) Glad you do have a few treasures from your early creative endeavors =)


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