Thursday, July 8, 2010

Need inspiration? Here are a few fun links!

Yesterday I talked about a great little travel brush for water media.  You can fill the 'handle' with water ~

Check out my post to see what I had to say about this great little brush ~

And then stroll over here to check out the details and get one for yourself!

Want to know what my very most favorite drawing ink in the entire world is?

This ink flows well and is very dense and rich.  I use a dip pen, not a cartridge pen - so clogging is not an issue for me.  This ink is lucious - hot fudge of the ink world =)

Want some fun hints for painting?  Check out Rita Squier's Tuesday's Tips.  She has a great hint every week!

Need a little inspiration?  Join Pam's new ACEO Challenge blog!  It's really fun and you could win some great prizes, too!

Not sure what you want to do?  Try learning a new technique!  There are lots of free online lessons out there - like these:

Feed your creativity and have a wonderful day!


  1. Kathy,

    Thank you for all the links. I signed up to follow Rita. And I have been doing mono prints and didn't know it, but not using the glass just other paper. It is a fun technique!

    I will have to browse the sites more later!

    Thanks for mentioning the aceo challenge too!

  2. Awesome Pam! Great links and thanks for posting a link to my blog for Tuesday's Tips! --Rita :)

  3. Great info! Thanks for links :D

    I got a waterbrush with a field kit and promptly got 4 more. Too cool for painting on the spot!

  4. I agree, Lee - I plan to take mine traveling with me next time I go anywhere!

    You are welcome, Rita!

    Very fun, Pam - using paper would work great, too! You are welcome!

    You are welcome, Marllene - thanks for stopping by!


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