Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A horse is a horse, of course of course! Even a Sock Horse!

Here she is!

This little horse is taking on quite a personality!
Here is a peek at her mane and tail from the back =)

Hmmm....  I just couldn't help but think that she needed a little something more....

That's better!  Every horse needs a little blanket - and, since she is a bit 'girlie' she has a little necklace, too.  Well, she has a big star necklace =)  The theme for Naomi's birthday party this year is "stars" - so this little pony HAD to have one!

She is made from the Rockford work socks - just like the Sock Monkeys that we made in the 1950s.  With bows, button eyes, and an embroidered mouth all she needs is a little hug to join the Velveteen Rabbit and his friends!

I adapted the original Sock Monkey pattern included in the Rockford Socks to change the little monkey into a horse. While I was sewing away on this little gal, the theme to one of my old-time favorite TV shows was running through my mind...  lol!  No surprise - it centered around a horse  ;-)
Hello, I'm Mister Ed

A horse is a horse, of course of course,
and no one can talk to a horse of course,
that is of course, unless the horse,
Is the famous Mister Ed!

Go right to the source and ask the horse.
He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse.
He's always on a steady course.
Talk to Mister Ed.

People yak-it-ti-yak a streak
and waste your time of day,
but Mister Ed will never speak,
unless he has something to say...

A horse is a horse, of course of course,
And this one will talk 'til his voice is hoarse.
You never heard of a talking horse?
Well, listen to this...

I am Mister Ed

Well, she is not Mr. Ed - but both of them are fun ;-)  Sorry if you now have the theme song stuck in your head - but, hey (hay?) 'misery loves company'! 

So, have you even heard of Mr. Ed?  *roflol* or am I all alone in the fan club!?

Galloping off to creative land ~


  1. Oh my gosh is that sock horsie sweet. You could sell these, how adorable. And love the accessories! Actually that last picture would make a cute art card or print too!

  2. I love her, Kathy! I agree, you could sell them! Very cute.

  3. I was expecting to see a monkey and you showed us a horse! It is so adorable, Naomi will love it! You should sale them. And yes I know Mr. Ed and yes it is in my head now, thanks.

  4. Now that is just way too much fun! You must make more :)

  5. Oh she is so cute! I love the little sock horse! You could most certainly sell those!

  6. i LOVE the sock horse and if you sell him, I will buy him for my friend in New Mexico who owns a horse named Chibella! A great Christmas gift!


  7. LOVE! Naomi is going to go gaga over this, Mama!!!

  8. Thanks so much, everyone! I am glad that you all like my little creation. I would love to make and sell them, except that the CPSIA regulations are so tough. I could only market and sell them as appropriate for 13 (12?) year old and older unless I did a lot of research and testing which is pretty expensive, last I checked. I am thinking about patterns, though... ;-)

    LOL - sorry, Marlene - but I am glad that I am not the ONLY one who watched Mr. Ed ;-) And now the song is stuck in my head again! lol!

    Hehe - Pam - every gal needs a few great accessories ;-)

    MYSAVIOR - I will convo you =)

    Awwww - thank you, Cynthia =))) Looking forward to seeing her reaction!!!

  9. BackyardNaturePhotosJuly 15, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    Sooo sweet. You did a great job and hope you are able to get a photo of her reaction.

  10. Very well done! And I love that she has a horse blanket and necklace. Of course I remember Mr. Ed - one of my favorites, Willlbbbuuurrr! LOL! I have several episodes on VHS tapes - hmmmm, now where did I put them??!!

  11. Jane *roflol* Grammy armed with camera at the ready!

    LOL - Karin, I was just wondering if they had them on DVD or something - I think Naomi and Mikayla would really like them! I will have to do a little search ;-)

  12. I love your sock horse! She is adorable. I agree that you could/should sell them. Can't wait to hear what Naomi thinks of her & what she names her.

  13. Girl, I'm older than 13 and I want one :P

  14. I love her Kathy! She is so unique and cheerful. I had almost forgot about the whole CPSIA thing...I hope something like that never comes to Canada. At the church there are some really talented toymakers.

  15. Me either, Debi! I will have to share some pictures after her party =)

    Just Me - ;-) I am really thinking about making them for sale and stating that they are just for decoration. LOL! So don't be chewing those button eyes off, okay!

    Thanks, Pony!!! Totally - the CPSIA has made a real mess for a lot of people. *sigh* Cool that you have talented toy makers at church =)

  16. Great horse! Ditto the make them for sale idea. The accessories are perfect!

    Thanks for the tune to hum 4ever :D

  17. *roflol* Yeah, Lee - the tune is back in my head now, too!

    Yep - I have been convinced to make some of these little critters for my Etsy shop ;-) Thanks for the encouragement from all of you!

  18. hi he is real cute... id like to make one for my grandson for Christmas but I cant seam to find any directions on how to make it... your previous post is not real clear to me how you make him.. can you please help me out?


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