Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eeyore - Just turn your back on the "oh bother" and get motivated!

How do you stay motivated to create?

Another great question - and a pivotal one, too. After all, if you are an artists and you can't stay motivated to create art then you are out of work. Yikes! The pressure is on!

So, how do you stay motivated to create? Here are 10 things that will get you moving!

• Fuel your creativity! Nurture it - feed it new ideas. Read books and magazines, visit galleries and shops, join other creative people for an outing - whatever it takes to give you a 'creative glow', get out there and do it.

• Don't be an Eeyore. Every time you have an "oh bother" thought, toss it out the window. Replace it with a positive thought, and get moving!

• Keep a photo journal of your creations. Take a look at how you have grown as an artist! Revisit some favorite creations and do a new 'take' on an old idea. Combine two or more of your previous ideas to make something brand new.

• Walk away. Literally! Take a walk and clear your mind. Keep your eyes open as you are walking - see colors as if for the first time, enjoy the weather, look for things you haven't noticed before - be inspired!

• Eat right and get enough sleep. I know - very basic; however, you can't be motivated to do much of anything if you are under fueled and over tired!

• Create a workspace where you enjoy "being". It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It can be anything from a small room, a table, even just a box with your supplies. Fill your space with things that inspire you - quotes that motivate you, pictures that you enjoy, patterns and colors that energize you - simple little touches that you enjoy.

• Keep your work area neat. Nothing chokes creativity faster than not being able to locate exactly what you need right now. And nothing wastes creative energy as much as a mess, either!

• Make a date with your art and write it on the calendar. Schedule time to create. Sometimes all the thoughts of what we "should" be doing will stifle our creative spirit. If you deliberately schedule time to create, then you can put mister "I should be doing…" down for a nap while you have some fun!

• Don't try to make someone else's artwork. Make yours! Learning something new is one thing, but imitating someone else is altogether different. It is difficult to be motivated to create if you are busy creating stuff you don't like, no matter how cool it is. Create the things that make you happiest to create.

• Set realistic goals for yourself. Deciding to create 6000 widgets this week could probably inspire you to chuck your motivation out the window - among other things. We should have goals that stretch us a bit and keep us moving forward; however, they do need to be reasonable and attainable!

Okay - motivated to create? Have you found something that keeps you motivated? Share it with us in the comments!

Happy creating!


  1. Great list Kathy!

    I like to check out other artists and see how they work. Some how that sends me off on a journey of my own.

  2. I have four notebooks of pieces that I've created! I love looking back and seeing how I've changed, and at the things I've sold. Very motivational. Good for record keeping too, since I write down what I used, how much materials cost, hours, etc. I DEFINITELY recommend this. Start now!

  3. It is inspiring to look at other artwork - and to watch other artists paint. That's one reason I like workshops and classes =)

    Great idea, storybeader! I have photos of a lot of my work - it's nice to see the changes over time!

  4. I love the ideas of taking a walk and creating YOUR work :)

    Lately custom orders and deadlines have been keeping me motivated! I work best with a deadline :)

  5. Great List Kathy! I'm happy to say, I do alot of those things, but some of them I don't. I will be now!

    Take Care, Stacy

  6. Another inspiring post! I have a box filled with some of my very first ACEO's, they were so addictive so fast! lol

  7. memories - deadlines are a great way to get things accomplished! Sometimes we forget that we can set deadlines for ourselves, too!

    Thanks, Stacy! Glad you liked the list =)

    Thanks, Pam! Yes, so do I - and I love to revisit them. Some I have finished up and listed, too.

  8. Thanks, Splendid! glad you dropped by and glad that you enjoyed it =)


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