Friday, July 30, 2010

Crazy Cactus ~ Funtry Friday

Honestly - this was a very fun accidental art happening!
"Cactus Faces"

Check out the funny faces!

This was one of the little ACEOs that I created using a special technique.  Gouache is painted on watercolor paper, then (when it is dry) ink is painted over that.  After the ink is dry, the paper is placed under running water.  This washes off the ink and some of the gouache.  You never know what your artwork will look like when you do this because much of it is 'accidental'.

In this case, lots of little faces seemed to be peeking out of the cactus blooms!

Well, this is a new variety of cactus for me!

Have a blessed - and not thorny! - day =)


  1. That is very cool! whimsical! And it sounds like a fun project!

  2. Looks fun, I will have to try it sometime.

  3. Love it! Very cool!!
    Is it going in your shop??
    Take Care, Stacy

  4. your animals have such personality!

  5. Thanks everyone =)

    Yes this will be in my shop very soon, Stacy!

    Glad you like my animals, Annonymous =)

  6. I love this technique! Cute catus faces!

  7. What fun...I love this technique!
    Found a blog that you might like. She is a wonderful artist, paints a lot of animals and is a Christian...what's not to like. We've been following each other for awhile and I was browsing some of her paintings today and found some amazing horse paintings and immediately thought of you. If you visit please tell her I sent you.
    Here's the link to the post that made me think of you...especially what she had to say about the painting:


  8. Thanks, Vicki - I will check that out =) Glad you liked the technique - it's a lot of fun to do.

    Thanks, Pam! It was so surprising to wash off the ink and see little faces peeking out at me!


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