Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts... journal inspiration!

Looking at the creative artwork by other artists gives me lots of inspiration.  I have had lots of fun browsing this afternoon and I am definitely inspired and ready to paint! 

Today is Art Splash on Etsy and that is a perfect time to pause and peruse the amazing fine art that is listed on Etsy.  Need some inspiration?  Check this out!

To find these creations, go to:

You don't have to sign up or sign in to view the great fine art ~ just look at the upper right hand side of the screen for the search window.  In the drop down menu where it says "handmade", select "all items".  Then, simply type "artsplash" (all one word) in the space next to that. 

The final step is to be prepared to be amazed!

You may sort your search items by price, relevancy, or listing order.  If you are captivated by one of these art treasures, you can quickly sign up for a free Etsy account and fill your vacant spot with some lovely artwork!     

As you view the creations of others, take note of the colors, shapes, sizes, subjects, and compositions that appeal to you.  Jot these down in your art journal (you are keeping all those notes in one place, now aren't you???).  These things are basic to all artistic creations and can be applied to whatever you are doing - from painting to sculpture, from sewing to jewelry, from crochet to photography!

Prepared to be inspired!  Join in the Art Splash fun!



  1. Good Morning Kathy, I will go and check it out.

  2. cool info about artsplash, but can you tell me more. is this a group?
    I get your feed on my google reader and it's so beautiful to see your artwork on etsy. Your horses are awesome. I even sent your link to a friend that is just taking up acrylic and she painted a beautiful palomino and foal. I'll look you up on facebook as well.
    peace n abundance

  3. Thanks for the info about artsplash, I will have to take a look!

  4. That was enjoyable!! Thank you! :)

  5. Glad you all liked the Art Splash and I see that there are some questions floating around, so I am going to blog about it again today =) I will try to answer all your questions or refer you to someone who can!


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