Saturday, June 19, 2010

Technology Adventure Number 4,893. I'm calling the neighbor's dog...

Ahem.  This slight pause in blogging is brought to you by Kathleen's computer.

I have been stuffed.
Keys pounded.  Invaded by dust.  Crumbs.  and....

and, I don't even have a name...

Whoa, Nellie - what's up here?  First my dogs blog, then my cats comment - and now my computer complains???

I think I am loosing control here...!

Nellie?  Is that my name?

Um...  sure....  ah...  why don't you just rest up a bit and I'll take over now.  Um... Nellie....


Well, that could have been the conversation I had today with my computer while I spent several hours moving files, deleting files, changing settings, and trying to squeeze a little more space on my hard drive so that I could cruise the internet and take care of my business.  Needless to say, my day did not go as I had planned that it would.  However... it did make me think of another question to add to our "list" of questions we want answered!

What do you do when technology takes a vacation?

I had a hard drive crash and I know of several people who sell online who have had a variety of computer problems from aggravating to total melt down.  What do you do when that sinking feeling of not being able to cruise the internet hits you?
  • Well, first - don't panic.  Reboot.  Lots of things are solved by that!  And even if that doesn't solve the problem, it will give you a little while to regain your calm.
  • Check all your cords.  You just never know - something 'might' be unplugged!  We can hope.
  • Run any diagnostic programs that you can to see if you can find the problem.  My problem is obvious because Nellie's little memory guage is on 'E' for empty.
  • Call in the troops!  If you can't find the answer, call someone to help you.  Computer support, the neighbor, the dog - the neighbor's dog - someone!  If nothing else, you will have company in your misery.
  • Do what you can, not what you can't.  If you have done everything you can do and it hasn't worked, then take a break.  Enjoy the fresh air, take a walk, have a cup of cocoa, call a friend - walk away and really take a break.  You might be surprised by how refreshed and ready to tackle the little tangle of wires you will be when you return.
  • If your computer is "Dead, Jim" (calling all Star Trek fans!), then explore your options.  Can you borrow a computer?  Use one at the library?  Pester a neighbor?  Swipe the kid's laptop? 
  • Decide what you really NEED to do online and what you just want to do online.  Make a list because, when you run next door to borrow the neighbor's computer, you will not remember everything you NEED to do.  Prioritize the list you made from THE most important thing that needs to be done, to the thing that you probably wouldn't do even if the computer worked.  Ummm....  (shhhhh!)  and don't forget to take your passwords and login information with you!
  • Relax and realize that stuff happens.  Remember ~ Do what you can, not what you can't. 
Now, just a few things that you can do regularly that will help when there are technology adventures...
  • Back up your files on your computer.
  • Back up your files on your computer to an external hard drive.
  • Back up your files on your computer to an online back-up service (I use Carbonite).  I really like it - and it doesn't seem to slow down my computer at all.  And, yeah, mention my name - lol - I get a credit if you do that.  Thanks!  But, really, I wouldn't recommend Carbonite if I didn't like them. 
  • Run regular scans that will detect all of the malicious pook that floats around out there in cyberland. 
  • Oh, and back up your files... frequently!  Sometimes we back up our files, but we don't do it very often.  You can loose lots of information if you have months inbetween your 'random' computer back up times.
And, finally, just remember that when the day explodes, have a cup of cocoa and go read a good book.  The chaos will still be there when you return!

Now where did I put that book...


PS  That really is the neighbor's dog, Bailey.  She is a red heeler whose main goal in life is to fetch.  Anything.  Anytime.  Anywhere!


  1. Great post Kathy and good information to follow.

  2. what a scary thought! I was cringing reading about what I would do if my computer crashed, lol! I pray that never happens....meanwhile it is very good advice to backup your files frequently. I backed mine up on a DVD a while ago, and would do it again using a USB drive, unfortunately my USB port isn't working anymore....darn computers!

  3. Computer problems are never fun! These are great tips :)

  4. Glad you liked the tips =) Well, the little technology bumps in the road are all part of having an online business. Best just to be as prepared as possible and carry on! lol!

  5. When my computer has died in the past I go and hog my moms! LOL But it's not the same without my clutter!

    Hope you can clean yours up a bit!

  6. LOL - I keep dumping stuff on my external drive and praying that it doesn't crash =p

  7. When mine dies, I usually buy a new one since the technology changes so fast....but not always.:)
    I decided to take no more chances. I bought into the web located automatic back-up. Now I can breathe easier.:)

  8. The online back-up services are well worth the money, in my opinion!

    I usually have bought new computers at this point, too, but I am trying to hold out a bit longer as the harddrive isn't that old - it's just 'that' small *lol*


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