Saturday, June 5, 2010

More about Art Splash on Etsy ~

Art Splash on Etsy is the inspiration of Elizabeth at WindandHoney on Etsy.  She created Art Splash to showcase the wonderful fine art that is on Etsy. 

The first Thursday of every month is Art Splash day.  That's when you will find people posting in the forum threads, blogging, and dropping links on facebook and twitter.  It's the day that we celebrate, if you will, the amazing amount of creative fine artists who show their work on Etsy.  You can search Etsy for 'artsplash' anytime and find the artwork of lots of people who participate in the first Thursday fun.

If you create fine art and are interested in promoting your artwork with the group, contact Elizabeth.  There is a link on the Art Splash blog where you can send an email to her.

Visit the blog and you will also see some great feature articles about some of the Art Splash participants and get to know them better.

Will we be back next month?  You bet!  Will we be hibernating until then?  Absolutely not!  Check out the blog, and keep on searching for 'artsplash' (one work) and you will keep up with the fine art fun on Etsy!



  1. Sounds fun, I will view all the art offered and would love to participate but don't feel I have the time right now to commit to another thing.

  2. Thanks for the scoop!
    You are a doll, Kathy :D

  3. You are all welcome! It's a monthly event, so contact Elizabeth anytime you are interested =)


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