Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to stand out in a crowd of creative people!

One of the questions that was asked in my Great Question Post, was ~ How do you stand out in a crowd of creative people?

I learned a very important lesson from an artist and friend whom I admire greatly.  Bob Knudson and his artwork definitely stand out in a “crowd of creative people”. Interestingly enough, I had never asked myself why both he and his artwork always stand out in a crowd. They just do.

I watched Bob paint for two hours ~ patiently, quietly, deliberately, from the beginning of the painting to the completion of it ~ all during a busy local art walk. Hey, we are talking about traffic, conversation, interruptions, and very cute great-grandkids (that one would have done it for me!).

And check out the painting he did that night ~

This painting was done from a black and white sketch. No reference photo. No computer screen. He used a limited palette (with no earth tones and no black) on a toned board.

So what did I observe that might answer our question?

• Before he started painting, Bob had the finished image of his painting in his mind.
• Bob kept his focus as he painted.
• Each brush stroke was deliberately placed. There were no random brush strokes. *roflol* I know this because I asked him if there were any random brush strokes and he told me ‘no’.
• There was no rush to finish, no rapid splash of paint – just a gentle unfolding of the image until it was finished.

Regardless of what media you are using, here are some tips I learned that I believe will help you stand out in your ‘creative crowd’:

• “Okay” isn’t good enough. If you are going to spend time creating, then take the time to plan what you are going to do. Think about what you want it to look like when it is done. Make a sketch and keep it handy to see if you are on track.

• Keep your focus. Don’t let things distract you. Keep the image of the completed project front and center in your mind and move forward, with single mindedness, toward that goal.

• Be deliberate. Do not make a brushstroke, take a stitch, or crop and image without first thinking it through. Careless random efforts are useless if you want to stand out in a crowd.

• We spend so much time dashing through life that we forget to stop, think and then act. Slow down and enjoy the creative process. Enjoy the act of creation.

• Create for yourself. Create your own ‘benchmark’ for success. Don’t create with one eye on your creation and one eye on someone else’s creation in order to see which is best. You will lose your focus. Instead, make this creation of yours better than your last creation.

• Always seek to improve your talents – to nurture and grow them. Learn new things, experiment, play – and resolve to do that every day.

When you think of someone who ‘stands out in a crowd’ who do you think of and why? Do they inspire you? Encourage you? Let me know what you think!

In the meantime ~ Happy Creating!

Told you they were cute great-grandkids!

And notice his limited palette ~ you can see all of the colors he used in this painting on the palette.


  1. What a great post. That is a beautiful painting!

  2. Excellent tips! I love the painting too. :)

  3. thanks for the good information!

  4. Thanks everyone - He is an amazing artist and I really enjoyed watching him paint. Glad you found the information helpful!

  5. Great painting. Thanks for the tips. Love his color palette.

  6. What a great post! Thank you :)

  7. That is a beautiful painting and I appreciate your tips!

  8. Focusing is always a great tip! I need to further focus on a media that I like and stick with it! Thanks for the post!

  9. Glad you all liked the tips! Thank you! - and you're welcome =)

    I liked his color choice, too - the pure color mixes so well and really makes the painting sparkle! That was one suggestion Bob had for us all.

    LOL - Linda - or perhaps mixed media creations! *winks*


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