Monday, June 21, 2010

Here's a creatvie tip - and ACEO fun all at once!

ACEOs are lots of fun!  These little 2.5 x 3.5 inch pieces of art can be any media, any subject, and they are very collectible.  They can also be very useful.

Check this out ~ I have a painting in progress.  It features a raven sitting on a fence.  I wanted to find out if my color combination was going to make a fun raven, so I decided to do a little test ACEO.  The colors I am using are highly staining, so making changes in my wee birdie would be very hard!

The bird is just the right size for an ACEO, so I decided to do a little painting and see how it worked. 

I  paint using the image on my computer monitor rather than a printed photograph.  I like the way that I can make the image larger if I need to see more detail. 

And, by the way - the fence is not painted green *laughs* that's liquid friskit that I used to keep the paper white while I painted the rest of the details around the fence.

I think this little guy is really cute!   He will be one of the original works of art that the winner of my contest, Calling all Creative Artists can choose if they win.  I (((hope))) to get the art and the winner posted soon.  I actually hoped to have the winner and the artwork posted before now, but I am having a little bit of computer trouble =p  *ack*  Thanks for your patience!

So, do you use little ACEO paintings to try out ideas for larger paintings?  I have done it several times and it has worked great for me.

Happy Creating!


  1. Very cool! I like both your aceo and the painting! Neat idea to try it out on the ACEO first!

    I have heard things about masking fluid, friskit must be the same thing ?

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your work in progress. What a good idea. I also like the idea of testing colors in an ACEO.

  3. what a great idea! And that liquid friskit sounds like a great idea. Can you just paint on top of it, with any color? I still have my watercolors in the drawer, waiting for me... to be brave!

  4. I love the aceo! Too bad I can't buy it! You're going to have to make another one! ;o)))

  5. Great Idea, I do thumbnail sketches for ideas for larger pieces, ACEO's are a great way to do that.

  6. I love using ACEOs to explore subjects for larger work. Your idea is great! I will be stealing it :D

  7. Good idea! Right out of my league but very interesting!

  8. Yes, Pam - liquid friskit and masking fluid are the same basic thing =) Thanks - glad you liked the artwork!

    Thanks, MagMoment - I have done this several times and it insures that two things happen - I have a little ACEO to sell (or give away) and I don't totally mess up my larger artwork =p

    storybeader ~ I will blog about the process so that you can have pictures and details! I will drop you a note with a link when it's done =) Thanks for the great question!

    Magiclovecrow - I had SOOOOoooo much fun doing this that I do want to do more! The ravens around here have so much personality.

    Very true, Marlene! Not only are ACEOs fun, but they are a great tool.

    Thanks, memories!

    Thanks, Lee! Glad you liked the idea *winks* steal away!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Julie =)

  9. your raven is looking great! I've never had much luck with frisket, so I don't know if I keep buying old product,or if they sit around my house too long, but they end up separated, and thick.

  10. As a collector of ACEO'S - I love yours!!


  11. Thanks, pink =) Frisket can be a bit tricky to use!

    Thanks, Sue =)

  12. That is a very good idea! I love your paintings, you are so very talented!

  13. Thanks you, BeadedTail! *blushes* Delighted that you like my artwork =)

  14. Thanks, for info, Kathy. Now I understand a little more.

  15. You are welcome, Carole! I love to share information about fun art materials =)


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