Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Dad's flowers continue to bloom - even after all these years.
And he still continues to be an influence in my life, too!

Happy Father's Day!


Rejoice in the Lord always;
again I will say, Rejoice.
Philipians 4:4

I rejoice that I had the father that I did!
What are you rejoicing about today?


  1. Love the iris picture. It is so nice to have that beautiful reminder of your dad!

  2. Beautiful Iris! I am rejoicing that I am alive.

  3. Nice tribute to your father, Kathleen! Miss my father---he was a patriot and veteran; opinionated but kind; and I miss him!

  4. Thanks, Pam - I love that they are two colors and that the stripes are so bold.

    pfd - It is very nice to have the reminders of Dad. He was a wonderful gardener and many of his plants continue to bloom =)

    Thanks, Marlene! Me, too!

    Thanks, Linda (((hugs)))... I miss my Dad, too.

  5. Lovely post, Kathleen. I miss my dad, too, but I did have a chat with him late Saturday night. It just seemed like he was there with me. Who knows?

    I'm grateful our dear ones live on in our memories, and that we have such beautiful reminders of them!

  6. It is nice to have lovely memories, Anitra. My Dad and I worked on several gardens together over the years - one of my favorite memories.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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