Friday, June 25, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ a few fun things I saw this week!

Awwww - isn't this cool?
I love rocks that are shaped like hearts!
This is a natural rock formation - nope, I didn't chip it to make it this shape.

Well, I missed the best shot of Billie Jane because the camera was out of reach,
but this one is still pretty good.  Here is Billie Jane, making her best effort
to reach back into the far corner of the goat house to get one little,
tiny piece of hay...  The best shot?  She got down on her knees!
Very food oriented horse...  *roflol*

Surprise!  Here is Penne, and guess what she is doing?
If you look really close, you will see an egg peeking out
from under her.  Now, whether they will hatch or not,
we don't know.  She has gone 'calling' in the neighborhood,
and there is a peacock somewhere because we have heard him...
So, for now, we have let her have her little nest
and we are just waiting to see if little babies hatch.

By the way - did you know that pea fowl will eat apples,
bananas, and bell peppers?  hehe - It's fun to find out who will eat what!

Okay, hope you have a very fun Friday wherever you are - it's a
great one in this neck of the woods!



  1. Hi Kathy, I really loved all the pictures! Thanks for taking them and for sharing them! What a treat! I love nature!
    Keep on Smiling!

  2. These photos are great. I never have a camera when something interesting happens. :)

  3. Kathy - it is a rainy dreary Friday here. Your pictures perked it up! I love rocks too and that one is awesome!

  4. Cool rock!

    LOL Billie Jean!

    Cool, hope they hatch for you! :)

  5. My first reaction when I saw the rock was....Awwwwwww. Then I saw you wrote the same thing :) Great photo!

    We wanna see the babies if they hatch!!!

  6. Oh I hope babies hatch! It's always fun to see what's in your part of the country!

  7. Fun post, love the rock and I want to see baby pictures.

  8. Glad you all liked the rock! I just found it outside and thought it was interesting. After I tossed it in the planter, I saw that it was a perfect heart! Yeah... *roflol* I love rocks!

    Well, Carole - I miss great shots everytime I go outside without my camera, so I try to remember and shove it in my pocket before I open the door!

    I hope we have babies, too - it would be fun and I TOTALLY will post pictures! =) The eggs may or may not be fertile, though - as we don't really know if she 'went courting' *winks*


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