Friday, June 4, 2010

Funtry Friday - "Chore" is a verb in the country!

An online dictionary has this to say about "chore" ~

Chore (NOUN): Daily or routine domestic tasks, especially a farmer's routine morning and evening tasks, such as feeding livestock.

Well, out here "chore" is a verb.  Used correctly, it goes something like this...

Hey, can ya chore fer me this weekend?
I'll be glad ta chore fer ya next weekend!
I'm all done chorin' and ready to hunker down!

And, when you are "choring", you just never know what you will find!  You all had fun with my Wordless Wednesday this week *winks*  Yep, I found Penne on the top of my neighbor's play house when I went next door to "chore" for them.

And in the barn...  what is that sound and where is it coming from?  In Whinny's feeder?  Whhaaaat???

Well, I will just have to move these critters right now!  *roflol*  Whinny might not like company for dinner *laughs*

Look at that!

Hehe - here's an arial view of Puff and her four kittens *grins*
in a much better place to 'hunker down' *lol*

Yep, when you "chore" for your neighbors, you just never know exactly what you will find - but chances are it will be some country fun!




  1. Oh those babies are so tiny! So cute! Who knew you could find kittens while doing chores!

  2. BackyardNaturePhotosJune 4, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    Awww, what a cute, little family.

  3. How sweet, I just love baby animals!

  4. congrats. to Puff! Fun grammer lesson!

  5. In this case, chorin' sounds like a fun adventure!
    Hunkerin' down sounds wonderful to me right now.

  6. I see that some of my kitten seeds blew north on that last big wind we had! CUTE!!

  7. Reminds me of the litters that we had when my kids were little!

  8. Awwww. They're so cute! Puts me in mind of the kittens that lived under Grandma & Grandpa's outbuilding. If I sat very still and quiet on the back porch, they'd come right up to me, skittish as they were. Sweetness, even in memory.

  9. Glad you all enjoyed the 'choring' fun! I agree, baby critters are lots of fun and we usually have a few 'batches' around the spring and summer months! Right now we have some guineas setting - I will keep you posted on the next batch of babies, I promise!


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