Friday, June 11, 2010

Funrtry Friday - Just a little stroll down the road...

Just walking around the neighborhood and thought I would share some of the country sights with you...
Dang!  I am so getting one of these keep out signs.
I didn't know that tumbleweeds could read.

Creative fence wire 101 ~ a little lariat on the side for ya!

Well, now.  Looks like a little abstract artwork in the north 40...

Wow!  I'll be - look at those weeds jump through that hoop!
Great little circus act going on here...

Well, don't forget to put the chain on the gate as you leave.
Um... and tie the post up with some baling twine, too - it's been
a little creaky lately!

Thanks for coming along on my walk - hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. Those look a bit like some of our fence posts...the abstract art part!
    Fun post!

  2. Thanks, that was a lovely walk, we should do it again sometime.

  3. I shall, Marlene - I never know what I will see as I am walking out here!

    Glad you enjoyed them, Steve =)

    Fun, Graceful! I think that fences should be artistic *roflol* some of my repairs are, for sure!

    hehe - glad you liked it, Pam!

  4. You are too funny, Kathy....or just joking. You have such a creative spirit. :)

  5. *roflol* Carole - I only get bored doing one thing - any kind of exercise! lol! I HAVE to take my camera with me when I take a walk, or I would never take a walk at all! *LOL*


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