Saturday, June 12, 2010

Calling all creative people! Page two...

Okay ~ first, I wanted to know what question you would ask if you could really and truly and definitely get an answer...

(Calling all creative people! Answer my question for a chance to win!  Details are in the blog post!)

Now, I want to ask you...  If you could be a super hero for your artist friend, what wonderful knowledge would you 'mind meld' into their brain?  What advice about creating or selling would you impart to them?  What wonderful tidbit have you learned from making and/or selling your creations, that you would want to share with them?

Share that thought here, and you will be entered into that same great prize drawing from the other thread. What will you win? I will post several pieces of original artwork, and you will get to pick which one you would like to have. After the winner is posted, I will get your address and send the artwork of your choice off to you.

Okay - I see you have your super cape on and your are flying to my rescue!  Yes!  You are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Wooohoooooo!

Thanks for the blessings!


  1. Ah, the old Vulcan mind meld trick! I would tell my artist friend to be true to him/herself, do what you love and above all to do it to the glory of our Lord!

  2. I am with Remembrances, do what you love. Take in and learn from all feedback whether it is positive or negative.

  3. Great advice, Karin and Marlene! I agree!

  4. I would tell my artist friend to follow their heart and intuition since they'll never steer you wrong!

  5. All I would meld into their brains would be this: LOVE what you do. If you love it, it's all worth it.


  6. Be confident in your work!
    I talk to people all the time about my scrapbooks and just recently got another consignment deal because I was very comfortable talking to the shop owner about my work :)
    Love what you do and others will fall in love with it too :0

  7. Very good advice! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Wow you are really making us think aren't you! lol

    My advice would be to love what you do! Try not to get discouraged if you don't sell. Sometimes it takes time! As long as you love what you do it's all worth it!

    And also Etsy street teams or joining in on the forums are a great way to meet other people who have similar interests. You can learn a lot from other artists as well as have a lot of fun and meet new friends!

  9. Great advice, Pam! The teams are really helpful and realizing that things take time is really important!

  10. My advice is to never cut off your creative side. I only discovered mine after I retired. Look at all the years I wasted.

  11. Oh, Carole! That is awesome advice! I know so many people who have done the same thing. Creating (artwork, hobbies, or whatever) is a wonderful thing to do - and very satisfying - whether you intend to sell your creations or not.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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