Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calling all creative people! Answer my question for a chance to win!

Are you creative?  Do you sell your work?  Are you 100% happy with your creative process?  Happy with how, when and where you create your work?  Your selling process?  Your venue(s) where you sell?  

If you could ask any question related to anything having to do with whatever you create and/or how you sell your items -  and get a definite answer that would work for you - What would you ask?  What would you like to know?

Don't be chicken like Mr. Random Dude, here!  Tell me!  I really want to know!

Here's the deal!  I really want to know what question or questions you would ask, so I am going to give you from today, until Friday, June 18, midnight Arizona time to comment on this post or any other post with the answer to this question:

If you could ask any question related to anything having
to do with whatever you create and/or how
you sell your items - and get a definite answer
that would work for you -
What would you ask?
What would you like to know?

Comment with the answer to this question and you could win original artwork from me!  Only the comments that answer this question will be entered into the drawing.  What will you win?  I will post several pieces of original artwork, and you will get to pick which one you would like to have.  After the winner is posted, I will get your address and send the artwork of your choice off to you.

Other stuff ~ 
  • I want YOUR answer!  If your answer is the same as someone elses, post it anyway!  If you think of another answer, post it, too - you'll get another chance to win!
  • You may post as many different answers as you would like!  Posting the same answer several times, will only get you entered once, but posting several different answers will get you more entries into the drawing.
  • ANY creative person may enter this drawing!  You may create things for special family gifts or you may create things primarily for sale.  You may paint, crochet, quilt, sculpt, sew, draw, create jewelry, take photographs, do digital art, garden, scrapbook, or any creative venture!   If you can answer the question about your creative endeavor, you can be in the drawing!
  • You may post your comment on any post on my blog so long as you post your comment prior to Midnight, Friday, June 18, Midnight, Arizona time and your comment answers the question.
Okay - post away!  I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for your answers to this question!!!



  1. HI!
    I guess I an first with a comment!
    I would like to know what promotional methods REALLY work to drive traffic to my shops. I'm tired of trying what everyone does and still not getting the results I want.

  2. I create, mostly crochet and some knit. I like my new venue (artfire) but haven't made sales yet there. I had over 240 on Etsy in over 2 years.

    My question would be, what people want to buy and how much is "too much" to charge for items. If only! I make such different items, a variety, so pricing can be tricky.


  3. Traffic is good, but it's only the means to the end of selling! My question is: How do I keep consistent sales all through the year, that match my fall/pre-Christmas sales that I can barely keep up with? How do I avoid the dive in sales in Spring?

  4. BackyardNaturePhotosJune 8, 2010 at 9:25 PM

    I'm wanting to present my "once in a lifetime" photographs in very unique ways. Any suggestions?

  5. Your work is fabulous!

    I think I would have to ask, how do you find and reach your target audience?

    I sell local and at fairs and such and i can sell when I am interacting with the customer, but it hard on etsy for example where you do not have that interaction.

  6. I think I'd like to know how to make non-artists understand this is a JOB. What do you do to make yourself seem "official"?

  7. My question would be the same as Kim's. "How do you find and reach your target audience?" I have several buyers on eBay (haven't really cracked Etsy yet) who come back each month to buy my new designs. It seems there's a certain type who, once they find me, will keep coming back. How do I get more of them to notice my shop? My ties, although they make most people smile, would only be worn by a minority group - I want that group to know I'm here for them!
    (Sorry that was a bit long winded!!)

  8. I would like to know how other people determine their pricing. We all (as artisans) put so much of ourselves into our work, sometimes spending hours on a piece that we know will sell for very little. It can't be cost of materials & labor. We would never sell anything that way. So I would like to know how others handle pricing. Blessings for a great day, Debi

  9. Thought of something else! :) Do others take credit cards at shows & festivals? How about local checks?

  10. I would ask how do people stop from being discouraged when their work isn't selling. This didn't used to bother me, when I was showing in lots of galleries and shops. I didn't even care if they bought or not, the visibility was enough for me. Since I have become too sick to participate in outside venues, and only have online, I don't have that sense anymore.

  11. I would like to know how to price items to sell and how to stand out in the crowd. There are so many fantastic artist how do you get that edge?

  12. @ Anitra Cameron: the phrase which immediately popped into my head was "Stop smiling"! :-)

  13. My question is: What is THE best online venue to sell my scrapbooks and paper goods?

    Great questions so far...hope to hear all the answers :)

  14. Question? How do you take pictures of your artwork? What is the best way to set it up? How many different views would customers like to see? I sell on Etsy.

  15. I would like to know if percentage off sales work or does free shipping work best?

  16. I have no technique for my creating. I do seem to run in spurts though. I will do a bunch and then quite for awhile until I am in the mood to do another bunch of things.

  17. I think that one question I would ask is how much is the appropriate price to charge for a crocheted article? A scarf, a purse? I don't want to charge too much but there are sellers who charge a lot and still sell them.I know it also depends on the yarn.

  18. I'll ditto Julie and Kim. I know my offline customers are seniors, but I can't seem to find my online customers :\

  19. Thank you all! WONDERFUL questions and comments! I am collecting them all! Keep on posting any other questions you may have! Thanks!!!

  20. I sold a huge amount of work on Ebay, not so much at all on Etsy, although I love the Place and think its a much nicer place to sell from, when I do!!
    I found that Ebay was getting a bit rough with copists,& stupid rules not protecting sellers , and larger fees.
    I would really just like to create and get some one else to sell it for me, I think I'm too old to struggle doing both.:)Lindax

  21. Ah, Linda - I think we all struggle with that, as well! Great comment!

  22. Hmmm neat idea for a contest!

    I haven't sold much, and if it wasn't for the fun friends I have bet and couldn't live without I would pack up and give up! lol

    I think I have already missed this but will answer anyways just for fun, it's almost midnight here and I think you are further East of me!

    I would ask...

    Where do people get their motivation from! lol I am ok once I get motivated and can do a bunch at a time, but I just feel in a hole most of the time! lol

  23. My question has already been asked - but is the one I really want the answer to-
    How do you make someone understand that the price asked reflects the work put into the piece?

    It's very trying to deal with a flea market mentality from buyers.

  24. Great questions, Pam and promises! And, nope, you didn't miss this - it's going for another whole week! If you think of more questions - come on back!

  25. LOL Kathy, well it was almost midnight last night when I read it so I guess I didn't see the date! ha ha

  26. That's okay, Pam - at that hour, you are allowed to miss a detail or two *winks*

  27. LOL And how much am I allowed to miss at this hour ? almost TWO AM Lmao

  28. *roflol* At least twice as much! If it were me at two AM, I would have glazed eyes and be mindlessly pounding the keys. Huh... maybe that's why some of them don't work anymore....

  29. lol - yeah, when I do get more memory installed in my computer - I'm going to get a new key pad, too. Now some of the letters are fading...


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