Monday, May 17, 2010

With a little help from my friends!

It's always a good idea to spend time with friends doing what you like best.  I love to create artwork - everything from sketches to paintings...

... and Bethie likes to eat them!

We do have an understanding, though - she is only allowed to eat the lousy sketches - I get to keep the good ones *winks*

Maybe next time I will plop myself out with the horses...  although, Billie Jane does like to check out my sketch book, too *roflol*  Um...  chicken pen?  Ah, perhaps the porch would be a little bit better!

So, when the weather is gorgeous, do you go outside with your paints, yarn, or whatever?  Or is gardening your passion?  Do you have a friend who shares your fun with you? 

Happy Spring!


  1. LOL, those goats are such a joy. I loved watching ours they are quite the clowns. I never thought to share my art with them though.

  2. What fun! You have a lot more "inspiration" outside. Alas, I must resort to the shredder for my failed attempts ;)
    Did have a "friend" visit me yesterday. Should have snapped a pic before I flattened the long legged spider that dropped on my table for a closer look. (I didn't ask for his opinion)

  3. One reason I love people powered sewing machines is that I can use them anywhere! Although I have WAY too much cat and dog help if I try to sew outside (my pets are all fascinated with sewing machines), I have found that I can knit or crochet in relative peace, as long as I keep the yarn out of reach! Alas, too soon it will be way too hot here in the Valley to be able to enjoy such things outdoors for any length of time - but hey, at least we don't have to shovel the sunshine!!

  4. Totally a good point, Karin! lol! Sunshine has its definite benefits =)

    lol - Marlene - goats are fun critters1

    hehe, Lee - I just caught a wolf spider last night and tossed him outside. He had no opinions to express ;-p

  5. You have more fun with those goats. LOL :)

  6. lol I wonder if your painting taste as good as they look! lol

  7. hehe - apparently they taste fine if you are a goat =p


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