Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Words - Guinea bird fun!

Okay, I have chatted about my very cool Guinea Fowl before, so you know how fond I am of them.  I thought I would share some fun hatchling 'words' with you today in honor of this little Miss Guinea who is setting on some eggs ~

What do you mean, where?  She's right there...  er... over there... oh... wait...

There - now do you see her?

Here's a little help - can you see her, now?

Okay - do you see that little dash of read - that would be the wattles on her face.  If you want to try and find her in the first photo, look to the right of the white box.  She is next to the bottom of that box - and nearly invisible!

Here's some fun facts that I have personally learned about guineas ~
  • They hatch running 90 miles an hour!  Those little buggers are FAST right out of the egg!
  • Newly hatched guineas are so small that they can fit through the space between the bars in a normal bird cage!  That's tiny!
  • Almost immediately they will start going after bugs.  There was a little moth in with some newly hatched babies I incubated and they all jumped to try to catch it!
  • Guineas can fly - and they fly very early in their lives.  When they are adults, they can fly up to the top of a roof, over fences, up into trees, and more...  I have see guineas fly about 15 - 20 feet high and travel over 100 feet. 
  • Guineas nest on the ground and they prefer tall weeds or dry brush.  This little lady is nestled inside some tumbleweeds.
  • Guineas do not go dormant at night like chickens do.   Nope.  They go spastic.  Like nothing I have ever seen before.  Catching them is...  well, challenging, to say the least!
  • When you put six full grown guineas in a large cage, they can make it go airborne in seconds.  Yeah, guess how I know this?  *roflol*  The spastic guineas that it took me forever to catch, all went in one cage to be moved to my new home.  I had to tie the cage to my truck to keep them in there.  They bounced the cage all the way to our new home! 
If you have never heard the call of a guinea, type in 'guinea fowl sound clip' and have fun listening to their, em... unique chatter!

Have a great week!


  1. That is amazing! Those pictures totally tickled me. I love birds with personality!

  2. Boy they sure can hide, any predator looking for lunch would have no luck finding her nest at all.

  3. Wow! She is really camouflaged! very interesting information! I would love to see them hatch.
    Why, exactly do you like guineas so much?
    PS: You're in my heart and prayers.

  4. LOL They sound like fun! Wow she was nearly invisible!

  5. What FUN! Thanks for all the info :D

  6. Now see - there is yet another good use for tumbleweeds! I truly love guineas. Thanks for sharing yours, as I am quite sure my neighbors would NOT appreciate me having some of my own!

  7. that's wild! We had some guineas at the museum about 10 years ago. I think someone just dropped them off, many years ago, and they just stayed. They're all gone now... They ARE fun to watch. I didn't know they nested under brush - can't remember where "ours" nested... They can be real mean if you get too near their little chicks. But you know all that! lol

  8. She's really keeping those babies safe! Great camo!
    Those are some really cool wonder you like them so much :)

  9. Wow. My grandma had guineas, but I never knew Any of that. How interesting! It makes me want to be around some in person, you know?

    Question: Are they spastic all night? It doesn't sound very restful!

  10. Christine - they really do have a lot of personality!

    Marlene - when they are hiding is the only time they are still *lol*

    Thanks, Splendid - I appreciate the prayers! Guineas eat lots of weeds and bugs *winks* that makes them my friends! They have really pretty feathers, too - and I love that they look unusual and have such a funny call. They holler every time they see me because I feed them =)

    You are welcome, Lee!

    They are lots of fun, Pam =)

    Totally, Karin - guinea condos ;-) Hey - you could play the 'guinea fowl sound clip' really loud and see what your neighbors think - hehe!

    story - they are very protective of their brood!

    Thanks, memories!

    Indeed they are, Brenda!

    Anitra - They sleep, but not deeply. Chickens just go 'comatose' at night. You can walk right up to a chicken after dark and pick it up. Not so with the guineas. They wake up, shout for help, and run all over the place. Not so good if you are trying to catch them =p


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