Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts... paint your passion!

One of the things that slows down our creative process is when we don't tend to create things that we are passionate about.  So, add this little note to your Creative Art Journal Adventure (or whatever you are calling your journal!).

Create what you are passionate about!

If you find you are stuck and your creative juices have dried up and gone to the desert, then take a look around for something in your home that brings back a fun memory.  Make this be the center of your next creative venture!  Here's what I am looking at ~

My next painting is going to be a meal cooking on an old fashioned stove.  Okay, well - you have to use your imagination here!  I know that there is no food cooking and this is my very modern push button gas stove, but let me take you on a tour of the main items in this still life set up.

The kettle on the left was my Grandmother Golter's.  The black coffee pot was one we took on our desert picnics when I was quite young, my daughter and I took it camping many times when she was younger, and I used it for a milk bucket with my goats.  The salt and pepper shakers are ones I bought years ago when I dreamed of having a home in the country.  The pan was Nana's and so was the spatula.

Can you read the advertisement on the handle?  It says:

Nelson-Huckins Laundry
Texarkana, Texas

Nana had to have gotten this around the time that my mom was born, because Mom was born in Texarkana.  It has a little heart cut out in it which I think is very neat.

Each of these items makes me smile and painting them is going to be a very fun project.  Now I have to decide what kind of stove I will use and what we will be cooking.  Nana talked about how she had cooked on everything - wood, coal, gas, oil...  I think I will do a little research here and see what I can find!

And now, what should we be cooking?  Hmmm...  What do you think?  Breakfast?  Lunch?  Eggs?  Fish?  What do you think should be on today's menu?

Thanks for the ideas!

PS - Creating what you are passionate about will help start your creative juices flowing no matter what your chosen creative outlet is.  Find something  special in your home and start creating your quilts, jewelry, mixed media, etc. - or grab your camera and take some fun photographs of your treasure!


  1. Very cool idea! Even though I don't paint, I can relate to what you have said. Since I am a sewist, I have surrounded myself with inspiration in the form of vintage textiles and sewing accoutrements (not to mention the bzillion sewing machines, ahem, but we won't go there). I also LOVE vintage kitchen items - I love, love, love that spatula! And it is even more special because it belonged to your Nana! Awesome!

  2. P.S. This is DEFINITELY a breakfast scene - my very most favorite meal!

  3. You are so RIGHT! I love old rusty stuff, just like me :D
    Get some cornbread in a skillet and any meal is fine!

  4. It's so wonderful you have all those items and memories! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. fascinating set-up of ideas! What will you paint?! intriguing.....
    You are so right about finding inspiration in the things surrounding you that you love.

  6. What a great motto!

    I definitely think you should cook some comfort food :)
    Can't wait to see it!

  7. I'm thinking that it is breakfast, too =) I remember breakfast at my Nana and Granddaddy's - bacon, eggs and biscuits - mmmmm! Granddady always put tons of pepper on his eggs that made us sneeze, and he loved black strap molasses on his biscuits. I'm thinking comfort food for a comfort painting =)

    Thanks for all the great ideas and comments!

  8. Can't wait to see your painting! Cool items!

  9. Thanks, Pam - I hope to get a start on it this week =)


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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