Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, Whine day! It is cold and windy out there!!!!

Windy - cloudy - cold - and I have lost count of how many times I looked out back and couldn't see past the porch for all the dust blowing around there.  If you are in California - I just sent you some dirt.  And tumbleweeds.  hehe - you're welcome *winks*

I don't want to do anything...  whine... whine... whiiiiiiiineeeeee...

Stop that!  Stop that right now, Kathleen!  Stop all that whining and go grab your art journal and get inspired! 

Well, now - that does sound like a much better idea.  Let's see....

  • I could clean up my palette and reorganized all my paint.

  • Make a color chart!  That would be lots of fun =)

  • Wow - my 'personal vision' isn't finished...  hmmm....  I could add to that...

  • Oh, wow - look at all these painting ideas:  monochromatic painting, textures samples, gouache and ink, collage, playing with new mediums...  Oh, turpentine and watercolor.... 

  • Clouds, horses, photos, mixed media, fabric, wood... surprise backgrounds for common subjects...
New styles...  new paints... new textures!
Wow - I had forgotten how many great ideas I had in here! 

Hey - have you been jotting down notes for some great projects?  Are you keeping all those little gems together in one place?  Having one place with lots of inspiration and ideas really helps me to stop whining and start painting =)

Hope you are getting inspired to create today, too!

Oh, yeah - one of the main reminders in my art journal is to remember to 'look up'.  There is nothing like prayer to inspire me and fill me with tons of new ideas - and to help me keep my perspective and stop whining!

Rejoice always, pray constantly,
give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will
of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


  1. LOL I hope your weather gets nice real soon!

    I bought a sketch book yesterday, might be a future art journal, I like the idea! We'll see! I find it hard to get motivated to create anything lately!

  2. Having sketches, notes, and ideas all in one place really helps to motivate me =) I like to keep ideas for new mixed media, textures - well, just all kinds of stuff in there! A browse through the journal gives me a jump start for sure!

  3. Great reminder about perspective.

  4. Kathy, I have those days and I also have lots of stuff laying around to finish.

  5. Ahem! I feel the need to point out that you did NOT send the dust and dirt to California, but rather, it came here, to the Valley of the Sun! Just stop it! Although, I did get some good shots of huge American flags that were waving - straight out, from north to south - beautiful! So, it's all good!

  6. Yeah one day I might get it started! lol

  7. Marlene, I am going through some stuff - lol - and instead of weeding it out, I come up with more ideas! Ah, well - it does keep the creative juices flowing!

    hehe, Karin - just trying to give you a little 'cloud cover' down there =p Glad you got some good pictures out of it! lol!

    My theory, Pam - is lots of tiny little steps in the right direction =p I have given up the leaps and bounds *lol* Just going for slow, steady progress =)

  8. Your weather is depressing, Kathy...LOL How do you deal?

    Love your painting and all of your ideas too.

  9. Thanks, Carole =)
    We have a saying here - if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change! *roflol* It can be really windy around here at this time of year, but then there are days that are really nice =)

  10. Thanks Kathy, will keep that in mind!
    Hey I like that saying, could describe our weather too!

  11. Ok Kathy, we don't like our weather!

    LOL Yesterday we had winds of 85km per hour, possibly more. And rain / slush / snow. We were freezing. And of course a day when I had dr's appointment and had to work, so lots of waiting for buses! Hope it warms up soon!

    Hmmm lovely, just checked and we are under a snowfall warning now! LOL

  12. *shivers*ugh*yikes*ewie* Hope you get some good weather soon!


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