Monday, May 24, 2010

A little Monday art fun!

Check out this fun project! 

First you do a little painting with a fairly thick layer of gouach (opaque watercolor - best to use gouache from a tube for this project!).   Be sure you use a good 140 pound watercolor paper so that it can take the abuse you are going to give it!
You need to tape your little painting to a surface that can get really wet.  I have used a piece of plexiglass.  To add a little bit of interest, I tore the tape with a 'ragged' edge so that there wouldn't be a straight line around the edge.  Let your little painting sit quietly until it is completely dry.

After you have done that, start slathering on some ink!
For this little ACEO, I am using a permanent waterproof black ink.  Keep painting your ink until you have covered the entire painting.

Lovely, isn't it - hehe.  Okay, now you have to wait until the ink is completely dry.  Now, take this litte project to your sink.  Run water over the entire painting and, using a soft toothbrush, carefully 'scrub' the painting.  You will be amazed at what you see!

At this point, you may consider your little painting all finished, or you may decided to add a few touches here and there.

Check out this post for some more paintings done in a similar way ~ More Journal thoughts...

Get messy and have fun!


  1. Interesting technique thanks for sharing it.

  2. This is a fun technique. I first learned it in high school, back in the dark ages when they actually had art classes in high school. We had a wonderful teacher. She taught us enameling on copper, drawing, painting in every medium you can imagine and art history. We even made a pin hole camera. I think I still have two paintings that I made using this technique. The only difference is that we used tempera paints instead of gouache. What I seem to remember about the tempera (I am having to reach deeply to get this info out) is that we didn't have to scrub the ink off, it washed right off, along with a light layer of the tempera. I have tried this technique using acrylics as well with good results.

    Your ACEO came out great...I love the bright colors you used!

  3. Thanks everyone =)

    The ink and the gouache came off very easily. I think the main difference between using tempera and gouache, might be the intensity of the color when you were finished. Gouache has a bit more pigment and tempera has a bit more binder.

  4. Very fun technique....but also involved. Wow! It turned out great.

  5. It sounds harder that it looks, Carole. You just have to make sure that it dries completely each time. It's lots of fun to do!

  6. This turned out very cool! You should definitely do more of them!

  7. I want to, for sure - lol - it's on my list *winks*


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