Thursday, May 13, 2010

Journal thoughts swiped from writers!

Here's a little something you may have never tried with your art before.  Tuck this one in your art journal and play with it this week *winks*  It's fun and it can give you a different focus on your artwork which is especially helpful if you find that your creative juices are 'stuck'.

I know you have heard about the 5 Ws and an H, but have you ever applied them to your artistic creations?  Try it!  Ask yourself these questions ~
  • Who is this artwork for?  Put a 'face' to your buyer!  Who is this person?  What do they like to do?  What is their favorite color?  Be specific!
  • What do I want the viewer to feel about this piece of artwork?  What emotions do I want my artwork to spark within them?
  • Where is the setting for my painting?  Even if I am doing a portrait with a very loose background, the colors I choose with give the viewer an idea of 'where' the subject is.  Green = trees, blue = sky, etc.   Having a definite idea of the 'where' will give me a clearer view of what to do with the background before I start to paint.
  • When the viewer looks at my painting, will it take them back in time?  forward in time? or will it be timeless?  The 'when' that I want the viewer to feel, will help me to focus on the details within the painting.  Will I include antique items or create something from an imagined future time?
  • How will I accomplish all of these things?  By thinking about each of the 5 Ws in detail, I will have a better idea of what style, what media, and what type and size of paper or canvas I will use to create this masterpiece.
The more thinking that is done prior to a project, the less huccups you will have half way through the project.  Yes, you may quote me!  *winks*

And, by the way - you can use this idea with any type of art or craft - from painting to quilting, from jewelry to kid's crafts.  You can also use this to really 'fine tune' an item you want to make as a gift for someone.  Try it!  Like I said, it is fun and puts a new twist on an often used writer's tool.

Happy creating!


  1. Thank you for your tips, I love your flowers against the house, very pretty. They look like morning glories to me and that takes me back to when I was a child as my Mother loved morning glories and planted them at every house we lived in. So I guess you had me in mind when you painted this huh(lol).

  2. Great advice! Thanks for sharing ;)
    Love your climbing flowers...

  3. Thanks, Marlene - they are morning glories =)

    Thanks, Lee!


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