Saturday, May 15, 2010

Etsy Blogger Blogger of the Month! HandmadeBySandi!

Wow - it's May already!  And here is the Etsy Blogger's featured blogger for this month.  Prepare your eyes for some great creations!  This is one busy lady =)

Look what I found in Sandi's Etsy shop!  *roflol*  I love this!
It's a pet placemat! 
That is so cute - and very practical, too!  I also found these adorable felted bowls.  I love the way that felting looks.  What a great little accent for any home!

Of course, Sandi has a blog ~ The T-Shirt Lady ~ where you can keep up with all her news.

And, for more fantastic creations, check out Sandi's T's ~ it's jam packed with wonderful goodies like this adorable baby quilt ~

Isn't this cute!

Well, that will keep you busy for the weekend ~ have fun visiting with Sandi!



  1. what a great variety! I need a dog placement... she is SO messy, I'm always picking up little tidbits off the floor!

  2. What cute, Cute, CUTE things! I love them all, but most especially that placemat!

  3. She does have a lot of cute things in her shop! These were a few of my favorites =)

  4. memories - that doggie mat just cracks me up!

    Beth - she has such a variety, too! very creative!

  5. that baby quilt...looks super cozy :)

  6. Me, too, TiLT! It's so cute!


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