Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whoopsieeeee! Ahem. I will be busy this week....

I would appppear to have a few twooo mannny filessss on myyy commmputer andddd it isss makkking it doooo funnnnyyy thingggs.


So it is definitely timmmme for some houseeeekeeeeppinggg! 


yep!  I finally filled up my hard drive with images of my artwork, photos for paintings, and a lot of other 'sctuff'.  Anybody else have that problem?  Please, let me know that I am not alone!  lol!



  1. Uh oh! Your computer's too full? I've never filled up my hard drive but hopefully everything gets fixed soon!

  2. You're definitely not the only one! I have sooooo much on my computer that needs gone through!!!

  3. Mine's been sluggish, that's for sure and DH just added more memory with an additional RAM chip over the weekend, and now it's flying fast. I was getting ready to spend days sorting and deleting like you probably are. I don't know a thing about computers, but he googled the chip compatible with mine, ordered it online for $40, slipped into a vacant slot, and bingo. I think you must be very careful to get a compatible chip, and I know nada to guide you.

  4. Kathy you are not alone. I cleaned some of my off but need to do more. graphics take up so much space.

  5. Yep, been there done that! LOL!! I now have an external hard drive that stores all of my stuff, with the added benefit of being able to take it with me and have my files available no matter whose computer I am on! Since I work as a systems administrator, I have seen much worse, Kathy, but you it's a good thing to clean it up before it implodes!

  6. Beaded - I think I should win some kind of prize for filling it up =p

    LOL - memories - I had three copies of some things *rolls eyes* why? I do not know!

    Whyte - I thought about doing that, but decided to clear out some stuff first.

    *roflol* Karin, I do have an external drive =p but Carbonite won't back it up, so I dumped everything back on the computer *laughs* Now I have weeded out files and put a lot of back up files on the external drive. The nitty gritty remains on the computer =p

    So far, so good, Carole - I have a green line now, not a red one. LOL - and red is such a pretty color, too =p

  7. LOL Well I did fill it up once but then I bought more memory, my computer is always a mess! I now have a external hard drive finally hooked up just in case something happens to my computer and I am trying to not save so much stuff on my computer!

  8. I have both the external hard drive and online back up =p paranoid me *rolls eyes* Better safe than sorry! I, too, am trying not to save so much stuff =p


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