Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whooohoooo! I am back in action!

Okay, so maybe you didn't miss me =p  But I missed all of you =)  I had that little computer huccup...  but I have cleared out enough files to have a nice little 'green line' instead of a red one!

And, since I missed Funtry Friday - where I get to share some country fun with you all - I decided to share what I would have shared yesterday if I could have shared it yesterday instead of spending all my time clearing out all of those files until my eyes blurred and my brain fuzzed...

Did you get all of that?  okay - relax!  here's your Funtry Friday Fun on a Saturday =p  I couldn't get very close because I would have chased off the birdies, but here is Billie Jane visiting with two ravens.  I think she invited them to breakfast ;-)

She was sooooo fascinated!  and then...

...when they flew away, she watched them until they were out of sight!

Well, hope you enjoyed your little bit of country fun!  Have a wonderful 'down home' weekend!



  1. Animals are so fascinating to watch.

  2. I love to watch animals expressions! Since they can't talk, their faces and actions tell us so much! Great pics!

  3. They are, Marlene! I love to just sit and watch all my critters =)

    Very true, storybeader - and she is very curious about everything around her, so she is really fun to watch.

  4. We DID miss you!
    Glad you're back up and running...cute photos :)

  5. It almost looks like they are holding a discussion (about something of great importance, no doubt!). Great pics!

  6. awwww - thanks, memories =)

    I am sure they were, Karin. I could hear the ravens making the soft sound that they make - not the 'caw' and Billie Jane was totally mesmerized!

  7. Welcome Back! lol She seems like she was enjoying their company!

  8. Pam, she was totally fascinated! The ravens are pretty bold around here and very used to livestock, so they stayed for quite a while. I don't think that Billie Jane had been that close to them before. She is a very curious horse!

  9. Yeah, I think they were lucky they were not lunch! lol

  10. *lol* Pam - one peck on her nose and I bed she would have backed way far away from them!

  11. lol - that should be 'bet' not bed =p


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