Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday's Words - You might be a redneck if you...

... convince your grandkids to have a tumbleweed relay race!
It ranks right up there with the feather toss for some good 'down home' fun at Grammy's house ;-)



  1. Actually - if the truth be known, it was Mikayla who invented the game - lol - and then helped her sister to play along! It was very fun to watch.

  2. Cute and fun! In NM when my son was little we used to make tumbleweed snowmen - that would be a fun thing for the grandkids!

  3. That is too funny!! It's amazing what Grandparents can convince the children to do :)

  4. Being a kid was so much fun, and its awesome seeing that some kids still have an imagination to play, and that they are outside doing it!

  5. LOL - Karin, by then I HOPE all of these tumblers have LONG since departed =p

    Hey, Carole - a few weeds + a little wind = redneck fun ;-)

    Totally, Audrey ;-)

    Fusion, we do spend a lot of time outside unless it's too cold or windy. Then we do crazy stuff inside ;-)

  6. That is something I've never done and will consider the next time I head West!

  7. I'll save you some tumbleweeds, Glasers *winks* watch out for the stickers!


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