Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Words - Help for the pile of lost creations calling out to you!

Wednesday's Word of the Day is:  triage

Triage is actually a medical term that is used in emergency rooms (among other places) which insures that the guy with the chest pain gets in to see the doctor first while the rest of us patiently sit and play cards in the waiting room.

Yeah - look it up it really does say that *winks* just in 'regular' English!

Now, honestly, tell me - does your little craft area look like WWIII?  Does your easel have 49,375,282 post it notes on it?  Can you find the tool that you need? Do you have a few little unfinished odds and ends projects???

It doesn't matter what kind of creative endeavor that you are hip deep in - I will bet that 'yes, yes, no, and yes' are the answers of more than one person out there!  Well, maybe you have clutter instead of post it notes, but you get the idea.  Something is in the way, something is lost, something is not finished...  And all of that is choking your creative spirit! 

Time for some creative triage.  You need to evaluate the situation, determine the best course of action, and then you need to take action. 

There are basically two areas of 'creativity' to take a close look at: Where you create and what you create. Let's look at where you create today.

Evaluate the situation -

• Is clutter your enemy? Tools buried under a landslide? Can you get to everything you need to create or do you have to move a few hundred piles out of the way every time you work?

• Is your room creativity friendly? Do you like to be there? Do you feel inspired while you are creating?

• Do you have to share your creative space with others? Do you work in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc?

• Space too small? Lighting not good enough?

• What would you like to change?

Determine the best course of action -

• Is it time to clear out, clean up, and sort everything that you have? Do you need a cleaning buddy? Will accountability help you to stay on track?

• Do you need a portable 'solution' so that you can easily move your creative center from location to location? Check out your local art store and/or office supply store for great solutions.

• Do you need to change the size, media, craft, or creative venture that you are doing to fit the current space limitations that you have?

• Have you outgrown your little spot? Should you think about sharing a space outside of your home with another artist?

• What can you do today to make one change that will boost your creativity? What would make a difference to you?

Every situation is different and only you can know the best solution for your little creative corner of the world. Where we work does affect our ability to create, though, so care, attention, and a high priority should be given to this area on the triage scheme of things!

Where do you create? What would you like to change about it? How can you accomplish those changes? Have you already 'taken action'?  If so, what have you done that could help us? Share your ideas in the comments - I would love to hear them!



  1. NO FAIR, no fair - you've been peeking again! My sewing room AND living room look like fabric bombs exploded in there! Although, I will say that I do have all of my tools neatly organized and easily found - my sewing machine repair tools are in an antique tool carrier and my scissors and other tools are in other like containers. It is my fabric stash is OUT OF CONTROL! What I am doing, little by little, is sorting through and organizing all of it into kitty litter buckets, which are labeled and stacked. I find these buckets to be indispensible for storage purposes, plus I am recycling!

  2. I need to do all of the above. Where does procrastination fit in?

  3. *roflol* Karin, Cynthia just told me that she texted Tim at work and told him that if she bought any more fabric before she used up what she had she was going to cut her arm off =p Drastic measure for genetically induced fabric love, I think! She is organizing all of her crafts and projects. I have used buckets for fabric and lace storage, too - they work great!

    *winks* Marlene - I will let you know as soon as I figure out how to join procrastinators anonymous =p What works for me is to pick one tiny little thing on my list and jump up and do it before I change my mind. FlyLady says to set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle a task. The theory is we can do anything for 15 min.

    I wonder if that applies to searching for procrastinators anonymous? =p

  4. Kathy & Marlene - the next meeting of Procrastinators Anonymous is meeting at my house - as soon as I get around to setting the time, I'll let y'all know! Hey, Cynthia - NEVER tell a husband you aren't going to buy any more fabric! Kathy, you really must have a talk with that child of yours!

  5. Every now and then I have to just sit down and clean off my table. Unfinished projects, left over scraps from other projects, piles of all just has to go so I can start fresh :)

  6. maybe I should give my DH back his tool chest, and get a map case! I'd love a map case to put all my paper in! And I need to do something with all my beads! Use them or lose them! I've tried to sell some....

  7. Hey, story - that's a great idea for paper storage!

    memories - clearing out the clutter really does help the creative process!

    *roflol* Karin - I will tell Cynthia that you said that =p And when you get around to letting me know about the meeting, enclose three reminders, please...

  8. Hmmm your making me want to go clean my craft area! lol

  9. *roflol* Hope I can get mine all organized, too!


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