Saturday, April 24, 2010

Virtual pARTy - another fun 24 hour painting!

What's not to love about the Virtual pARTy?  A fun photo and 24 hours to create your artwork... and,  I did manage to do just that - woohoo!

Here's the photo that I had to start with ~

This is a photo of Thoroughbreds in the paddock/saddling enclosure at Saratoga (NY), courtesy of Kimberly Kelly Santini.

And, voila!  Here is my painting!

9 x 12 inch watercolor painting on archival 140 pound watercolor paper with, of course, my lovely artist grade watercolors that I love!
"Ready to Run!"

As you can see, I left a lot out of the background.  I did this because I wanted to focus on the excitement that the horse is feeling.  Eyes on the gate - ears intently listening - saddled and ready to go!  "Ready to Run!" is all about the attitude and the desire of this horse to get out there and race.

Thanks for the fun photo, Kim!

The Virtual pARTy is open to anyone - just follow the link, check out the blog for directions of how to participate, and jump in and have some fun!

Happy creating!


  1. Great work! I like your interpretation much better than the photo!

  2. Wow, you did an incredible job! What a beautiful painting!

  3. You painted what I was thinking! Love it!

  4. Thanks, Karin - I really like the simplicity of this image.

    Thanks, Beaded =)

    Thanks, dora ;-) glad you like it.

  5. This is beautiful Kathy, it's cool to see the photos you start with and then the results!

  6. Thanks, Pam. It's fun to share the process as well as the finished artwork.


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