Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts... a new venture!

Care to join me on a journaling journey?  I have decided to take the plunge, dive into the journal crazy world, grab my pens and paint, and create!
Right now, it's all in black and white - but who knows what colors will emerge next...  Stay tuned and I will share my Thursday Thoughts with you each week and we can watch this journal unfold together!

Have you created a journal before?  What did you put in it?  Your thoughts?  drawings? bits and pieces of your life?  Where did your journal journey take you?



  1. Looking forward to seeing how your journal develops. I have not started yet but have plans to do that as soon as things get settled down a bit and I get caught up on other projects, almost there.

  2. I'm writing a journal, but an art journal would be fun too! Maybe you will inspire me to join in!

  3. I have tried journaling many times as an adult and it has never gone very far... think I must talk too much!

    I to hope that it develops into something to meet or exceed you expectations.

  4. My journal picked up where my "Dear Diary" days left off. I have always kept a journal - daily happenings, hopes, dreams, sketches, ideas, lists of things I want to accomplish - whatever enters my head. Some days it is REALLY short! LOL

  5. Sounds like fun, Kathy. I have only done a writing journal.

  6. Marlene - I have ideas percolating ;-)

    What I love, Dora, is that 'anything goes' in an art journal!

    Thanks, Fusion =) I have kept a 'blessing book' for many years, but this will be a first 'journal' for me ;-)

    Karin, that does not surprise me! What a wonderful thing to have done and how great to look back through all those pages of your life!

    I am always 'stumped' at what to write (outside of my blessing book) so I decided to dive into an art journal. I think it will be fun, Carole =)

  7. I am having a wonderful time - I don't know what's more fun - doing the journal or sharing the ideas for it!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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