Thursday, April 1, 2010

Speaking of eggs… and umm… birds of all kinds!

Well, since we are having a bit of egg-cellent fun this week – no, yolk-ing about that! – I decided to share this fun morning event.

I went out to feed everyone and saw Penne, the pea hen, really ‘strutting her stuff’! I grabbed the camera fast because she doesn’t do this all the time and I think it looks so cool. Usually she is fending off some evil intruder or fowl perpetrator of a dreadful impending crime when she fans her tail out. This time was no different!

Enter Penne! Sorry that the picture quality is not great, but these were taken from quite a distance.

Check out the great tail action!

Enter the vagrant! No, wait – that would be a guinea. Hey, Penne, what’s up here?
Ah-ha! Check out the little eggs there. Hey, those are little eggs – little guinea eggs. Apparently Penne has claimed them as her own. Umm… That’s one confused bird.

Well, at least she is one very pretty (and confused) bird!
I guess I missed a bet in this week’s contest. I could have thrown (well, maybe gently tossed) a guinea egg in with all those chicken eggs! Hope you are having fun guessing whose egg is whose!

For the details, check out my blog post ***here***
And have an egg-stremely wonderful day!



  1. Oh how funny, now is she going to give the guinea her eggs back?

  2. She is so pretty!
    And apparently has a crazy personality :)

  3. hehe - I swiped them from her, Marlene =p

    I agree, Pam!

    story - they are irridescent, too!

    totally, Splendid - that's why I would rather watch the critters than the TV ;-)

    She certainly does, memories!

  4. Wonderful!! It is so great to be able to share it with you !! Thank you!

  5. Oh, funny! And she's really beautiful when she shows off, isn't she?

    "Adopting" those eggs puts me in mind of a chapter in the book, The Virginian. Have you read it? There was this poor chicken that couldn't hatch an egg for anything, and was constantly "adopting" potatoes, rocks--any little egg-like thing. In the end, some cowboy took pity on her and gave her an almost-ready egg, which hatched. The hen went stark raving demented. I laughed so hard through the entire chapter, I had to take breaks!

  6. too funny, Ani! Someone else told me about that same story - lol - I read the book many years ago, but I don't remember that chapter. I will have to go dig it out and read it again! lol!

  7. I must say your life is never boring, Kathy.

  8. Nope, Carole. I remember being slightly bored during the summer when I was about 8 years old... Mom suggested that I find something to do - or else she would find something for me to do that I wouldn't like to do. I have never been bored since =p


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