Saturday, April 17, 2010

So... I was wrong...

...pea hens DO have the same loud call as the peacocks do!  *roflol* I heard it for the first time today!  Now, I can add her to our noisemaker crowd *winks*

Penne, shrieking pea hen

Bethie, maaaaahhh! and Maggie...

Guinnea silliness!

barking Lova dog - and Cookie - (when they are not pretend growling)

clucking hens like Pretty Girl and peeping babies like Baby

Crowing Rooster ~ Buddy, the main man (just ask him)!

hungry horses, Billie Jane and Hershey...

The only quiet little critter seems to be...

Bennie, the rabbit.

Unless you count this quiet, white chicken ~

...which would really be a salt block that the horses licked into this shape.
I think Hershey and Billie Jane want to be artists, what do you think?

Hope you enjoyed the noise makers!


  1. Dang - a salt chicken - get those horses a contract!

  2. LOL - totally, Martha! Maybe they'll be buying my feed ;-)

    Thanks, Art! I love my goats - hope you get some more goats sometime soon!

    Very true, Marlene - but sculpture was not what I expected! lol!

  3. What a nice group of noise makers you have!

  4. Thanks, Graceful - they are a LOT of fun!

  5. Loved this post and the beautiful artwork! Including the horses art work!:)

  6. Oh yeah! You need to open up a shop for Hershey and Billie Jane!

  7. Loved looking at all your critters! Can't imagine the noise level. ;-)

  8. Thanks, Linda and Pam!

    hehe - Splendid - you may be on to something there!

    *roflol* Jewels - it's just the ***quiet*** country life =p

  9. We've had lots of noisy phesants around our house lately.
    Love the salt block chicken! I thought it was a have some creative horses!

  10. Thanks, memories =) There was a phesant at my parent's house many years ago. I just showed up and then wandered away.


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