Friday, April 30, 2010

A *sign* of the times - Funtry Friday - local road trip!

Signs fascinate me and I am not sure why!  Anyway, here are a few that I have seen around here lately.  C'mon - let's take a little country road trip for this fun in the country Funtry Friday!

Where the heck am I and where am I supposed to be going?

Small miracle that I didn't run into this one trying to read it =p
And, basically it is on a 'T' road where you turn right or left *winks*
...unless you hit the sign.

Holy cow - is there like a trap door in the road?
I am so not walking this way again!

Yeah... and this says what?  huh?

Oh, this is probably what the other sign used to say.
Well, it's better that the one up by my sister's - that one says
'violators will be shot'.
Um... and I'm not completely convinced the guy is joking =p

Me?  Well, I am contemplating a sign that says "Tumbleweed Crossing".  It would at least be a sign of the 'season' around here!

Happy trails!


  1. Fun, I would like to know where the dog hides also.

  2. What a fun post! I enjoyed all your signs and am also wondering where that dog is hiding!

  3. signs are fun! I've got a great pic of a sign in Ireland. I should use it for WW !

  4. I love the sound of tumbleweed crossing. HMMMMM, very nice.

  5. I like the idea of tumbleweed crossing! go for it!

  6. Thanks everyone =) I have been keeping my eyes out for more signs around here *roflol* there are some great ones! hehe - and I think that I may just have to make a sign that says Tumbleweed Crossing - just for me! *lol*

  7. That 1st one looks likes part of a bad dream :P

  8. *roflol* TiLT! yep, it does ;-)


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