Thursday, April 29, 2010

Piling up ideas...

Well, today I was going to share a bit more from my art journal adventure fun, but...  Well, you know that days don't always go according to our plans =p

Um... first *rolls eyes* I discovered that I filled up my hard drive again!  So, I spent a lot of time moving files and deleting copies of pictures (what is up with that?!)

Then...  finally, I could check my email and get caught up. 

And... there was an email from my cousin about her dad.  He has Alzheimer's and is now unable to walk.  I knew that she needed a call, so after I finished braving the wind (gale force tumbleweed mover) to feed all the critters, I dug out her phone number.

Hey, amazing - not only was she home, but she was not in the middle of dinner!  We had a lovely chat for 2 1/2 hours.  Ummm...  you thought I was only wordy in the blog, huh?!

Anyway, as a result of her phone call (see, I am not totally tangent woman!) I am going to share a tiny preview of a new project that is in the works.  I am starting a new blog (no worries!  This one will be here full of the same fun things!) and two new web pages.   Crazy, huh?!  I am working on a web page to show more of my artwork -  And, I will add a second blog, Survival316 and a web page for that blog, too.

What is Survival316?  Well, it's a blog about surviving.  Surviving what?  Well, everything from having a parent with Alzheimer's to making a free (mostly) lightbox, from ordering hay from a broker to traveling with kids, from making an appearance on national news to how to design a crochet pattern.

Stay tuned in this blog to find out when the web pages and the new blog are all up and running.  There will be lots of cool stuff, prizes and a great give-away - but no further details right now *winks*  After all that talk with Debbie, I think I am out of words!



  1. Kathy the candle is great! You certainly are a busy woman and very ambitions, I have trouble keeping up one blog and would never even contemplate 3.

  2. Katy you are going to be very busy - I don't expect to see you on the CAST thread very often!!!

  3. Alzheimer's is a horrible disease. I'm sorry! That is a beautiful candle. Hope your having fun with your website and new blog!

  4. You definitely are a survivor, Kathy. My mom had alzheimer's.

  5. Thanks, Marlene - hehe - we shall see how good I am at keeping up with all of that =p

    Ah, but, Julie - I would miss it too much to not drop by!

    Thanks, Pam - I am having fun - hehe - and frustration! *lol* Yes, Alzheimer's is nasty... I hope what I have to share in the new blog will help others in a similar situation.

    Sorry to hear that, Carole - my mom had vascular dementia (very similar to Alzheimer's but stroke related). You, too, are a survivor, Carole!


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