Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picked up a little junk out in the yard...

I am always checking the ground for 'litter' while I am outside.  I have found really interesting rock and feathers, odd stuff that I have no clue what it is and how it got there, and, well, lots of stuff.  Like this stuff I picked up one day...
Oh, yeah - and I pick up eggs *winks*  Here's an egg, a couple of rocks, and  *gasp* OH NO!
A snake shed???  The dry snake skin that a snake leaves behind when they shed it means that there is a snake nearby!  gadfry, what do I have crawling around out there now?  good snake?  bad snake?  That makes my blood pressure elevate and my voice squeak!  Into the bowl it goes for a further close up look when I get inside - maybe I will see a pattern on it?!  *obsess*obsess*obsess*

Yeah, so I took a closer look when I got inside.  Yep.  It had a pattern.  Yep.  It was recognizable.  Yep.  Nice little veins.  Leaf veins *rolls eyes*  All that obsession for nothing =p 

However, what I almost missed was this nasty chunk of plastic that was sunk deep in the hay.  Have to watch hay pretty closely, I have found, because lots of weird stuff gets stuck in it...  Yeah.  And I almost missed this because I was obsessed about a dead leaf!

Good reminder to me, too, that I shouldn't obsess about the little pooh in my life.  Instead, I should keep my eyes on the 'big picture'!  Going to remember that every time I see a dried up old leaf  *winks*  How about you?


The next day he (John the Baptist) saw Jesus coming
toward him, and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God,
who takes away the sin of the world!"
John 1:29


  1. Ah!! I used to live by the water and water moccasins loved my yard. I even had a snake attached to a window sill--I quickly called up my Dad to come to the rescue.
    so I don't blame you for freaking out about a dead leaf.

  2. Phew! Glad it wasn't real snakeskin! :D

  3. That is something I am terribly afraid of - Snakes! I would obsess also.

  4. *roflol* I think I obsess because I had one in the house one time! Gadfry! Fortunately it was not a nasty one and the neighbor rescued me =p *lol* and the snake ;-)

  5. Oh Kathleen, I'm so sorry, but I just had to laugh at your post! I have to admit though, I probably would have felt the same way about the "snakeskin" since the park next to my house is supposedly home to some venomous snakes - eek.

  6. Scary! We don't have snakes in the uk - well not harmful ones!

  7. I'm gla it was just a leaf. But I too have obsessed over a harmless snake in the yard. It helps to read Psalm 8, where we are told we have dominion over it all. ♥Patii

  8. aahhh...a great metaphor for life! worries over things that turn out to be no big deal. However, I think we all share your initial feeling of "freak-outed-ness."
    plastic in the hay? Now there's something to be concerned about. Would any of your critters actually eaten that?

  9. Splendid, they are usually pretty picky, but I don't like to take the chance that one of them might miss it if they are in major hunger mode =p

    Julie - we have mostly Bull Snakes and Gopher Snakes - both are on the 'good list', but the neighbors found a Green Mojave (rattlesnake) in their chicken coop. I obsess - better safe than sorry!

    Deb - laugh away! *roflol* I am laughing, too ;-)

    Thanks everyone - I, too, am glad that it was just a leaf - good reminder P&P =)

  10. I'm glad it was a leaf, too!

    No venomous snakes here, thank goodness, because my cat used to bring me the ones she'd caught and deposit them at my feet. Little pressies that were never dead, and freaked me out slithering across my kitchen floor!

  11. Oh, Anitra! naughty kitty! I had a cat who used to bring me lovely little live cicadas... and drop them in my open box of pins =p I will take that over the snake gifts any day! lol!


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