Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It really gets my goat...

...when I know it's going to be a 'goat day'! *roflol* In this case, the goat day 'got' Bethie *winks* who was really enjoying the warm Spring weather. She was exceptionally frisky!

ah-oh...  I have seen this look before =p

Hey!  back off of the camera!

I told you it didn't taste good!  hehe - didn't I?! 
And, yeah - I am laughing!

Well, no need to get all onrery -
you are the one that tried to eat the camera!
*roflol* how about you go eat your food instead!

You will note that your mama isn't running around like a crazy goat!
And she even left you some munchies =)

I love the antics of the goats on a warm Spring day.  Hope you enjoyed them, too =)  Now, I am going to go take the advice of elderly mama Maggie goat, and nap in the sun!  She is so sensible ;-)

Happy Spring!  (at least to those of us in the northern part of the world *winks*)


  1. Goats seem to provide lots of fun - we need one around here!

  2. Pam - I love my goats - they definitely have a LOT of personality!

    Beaded - they are fun - I have had Maggie for 11 years =) I had her mother, Whisper, before then. The most fun weedeaters around ;-)

  3. Kathy, so fun. Brought back memories of two of my goats, Hansel and Gretel. They would play king of the hill an any rock pile or dirt mound knocking each other off to gain top spot.

  4. Was thinking, "why does someone have goats?", now I understand and like Sharla, how fun it would be to see all of our furbabies with a goat in the family! ROFLOL

  5. I'm not so sure Bethie was saying the camera didn't taste good - it looked more like she was commenting on your not letting her eat it! Yep, that definitely looked like a raspberry to me - especially when you see the next photo where she was contemplating goat revenge! She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm in line for the energy first, memories - but I am sure there will be PLENTY left over =p

    Marlene - Bethie is fun to watch on the rocks! Maggie prefers the ground these days since she is 'elderly' in goat years ;-)

    Fusion - goats have great personalities!

    hehe - Karin - you may have something there ;-) You're welcome *lol* I love to share my critters =)

    Yes, they are, story!

  7. Cute goats....they are so full of personality.

  8. Indeed they are, Carole! I love having goats - you never know what will happen next =p


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