Friday, April 16, 2010

Funtry Friday ~ What a horse REALLY thinks...

Yep, this would be me ~ heading out to toss some hay and brush some horses... and I can just imagine what they will have to say...

Okay, you get to work while I clean up this big mess you made here.

(yep, this would be flurries of palomino dancing in the wind...)

(*whew* my shoulder hurts and my hand is sore and you are still shaggy!?)

Hey!  What's up here?  C'mon, slacker!  Get back to work.  You don't see me stopping ~ I am still cleaning up your mess!

And don't you be posting any stupid pictures of me, you hear!

Yep, gotcha, Hersh ~ yep, I hear you loud and clear, buddy!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hershey is so cute in that last photo (well he is always great looking) with that expression he really does seem to be telling you to lay off the photos.

  2. he is SO CUTE! Love that last pic!

  3. Beautiful horse and the whole scene takes me back- the curry comb- priceless! Whenever you feel at the end of your rope, if there is a horse on it you will be OK.

  4. He is so beautiful! I think I could get used to living there :)

  5. What a cutie :) I bet your horses love the brushing!!!

  6. How sweet! Don't let that cutie fool you...he's a total ham!

  7. LOL I love palomino's what a gorgeous horse!

  8. Thanks, vince+ - Hershey is such a great pal - he gives me smiles every day!

    Thanks, Pam! I can't wait to see what color he will be this year!

    Indeed he is, melody!

    Thanks, memories - they really do love to be brushed all the time.

    Thanks, Beth! It's a beautiful place to live! Very grateful to be here =)

    Thanks, Aneurythum - Oh, so very true!

    Thanks, story!

    Marlene - he has LOTS of expression! totally an awesome horse!

  9. Kathy, I know nothing of palimino's I just love them! Do they change color ? I probably sound silly but I have no idea!

  10. Since my horses are outside, they get a good, thick winter coat which is lighter than their normal color. Depending on what Hershey eats, he will be anything from a light honey color to a caramel color when he sheds his hair. lol - more weeds = caramel ;-) Billie Jane seems to be about the same color every year - but it could just be that the darker colors don't vary as much as the lighter ones.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful...

    I too was curious and going to ask about the "color" thing.

    Looks like he is talking in the last photo, like Mr. Ed!

  12. So cute!! Hershey has personality!! I didn't know they changed color based on what they ate either. How neat!! I just love horses!!!!

  13. Hershey, you are so cute, there can be no such thing as stupid pictures!
    Your comment about changing colors due to food is most interesting.

  14. I was surprised to find out that he would change color from year to year. When Hershey was born, he was a milk chocolate color. This year, I think he will be more honey colored =)


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