Friday, April 23, 2010

Funtry Friday - I find the strangest things in the darndest places....

What is that?  A golf ball?  How did the kids across the street manage to make a hole in one all the way back here????

Well, I can't leave it in there - got to go swimming.
***sheesh***  This water is cold!!!
... not to mention a little bit disgusting...

Wait a minute.  This is so not a golf ball...

This is an egg....
A guinea egg to be exact.
I know the culprit and I know exactly what happened!


Okay - hide your eggs - the ravens are on the loose!  Naughty little thieves *winks* they are always swiping eggs, but looks like this one was 'the one that got away'! *roflol*

Do you have funny little 'thieves' at your place?

Hope those ravens don't drop the next egg on me =p


  1. Oh, Kathy....your life is never boring. LOL

  2. Nope, Carole - it sure isn't boring!

  3. We have lots of birds laying eggs. Everything from sparrows to Canada geese, but we haven't spotted any eggs where they shouldn't be :)

  4. Max (my Golden Retriever) tries to steal kittens - does that count? One of the feral cats we feed had a litter of 4 on St. Patrick's Day and Max adores them - he plays with them and is constantly trying to pick them up and bring them in the house!

  5. Hey, Audrey - I'll loan you a pair of ravens and I guarantee you will find all kinds of things missing =p

    Hehe - too funny, Karin! Looks like Max wants to adopt!

  6. BackyardNaturePhotosApril 24, 2010 at 12:56 AM

    What a life you have! No ravens here but one too many pack rats.

  7. Wow - good thing you found that! now who is going to sit on it an hatch it?

  8. looks like Raven dropped the ball... I mean egg!

    All I have are squirrels, who I get a kick out of! They're stealing nuts from across the street, back and forth, back and forth, they run! They have a home in one of the trees, above our house.

  9. Great pictures to tell the story! Funny!

  10. ROTFL... Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your life? Ahemmm, the part you blog about anyway!!!

  11. lol - Backyard - those rats are pesky! I'll keep the ravens instead, please!

    hehe - Magdalene - I am thinking that the neighbor's ducks might be the only likely candidates for this one =p

    too fun, story! Squirrels have some great antics!

    Thanks, Linda =)

    Quite literally, memories! =p

    *roflol* Fusion - you ARE getting the edited version! lol! Definitely lots of fun stuff going on around here ;-)

  12. always something exciting going on and a new discovery to be made!
    (I love how your joy in life shines through!)

  13. Those ravens are little rascals, aren't they?

  14. Aw, thank you, Splendid! *lol* I was much 'shinier' after I got dried off and my hand warmed up! =p *roflol*

    The ravens just crack me up, Patti - I love to watch them play in the wind and the thermals. They will fly against the wind and stay in one place for a long time! Very cool to watch =)

  15. Thanks for dropping by for a giggle ;-)


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