Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun things that I have learned about chickens… and The Winners!!!

Okay – I will tell you who won my little egg-cellent matching contest, but first I can’t resist sharing some of the things that I have learned about chickens. I love to watch them, especially when there are baby chicks around. They are so much fun! So, here goes – a few eggy facts for your amusement!

• Chickens go kind of dormant when they are ‘setting’. They look really funny, too – because their eyes get kind of glazed over. Rather like me, after too much chocolate…

• Baby chicks will begin peeping quite a while before they hatch. They also peck at the shell for quite a while before they actually peck their way through. When I have incubated eggs, I have actually seen the eggs roll around and peep - which is really funny!

• Chickens don’t care whose eggs they are hatching. You can put any size egg under a hen that is ‘setting’ and she will take care of it. I have had bantam hens hatch out full size chicks several times. It is very funny to see the ‘tween’ chickies hiding under a mom who is barely bigger than they are!

• Baby chicks hatch with the instinct to peck. If you draw and X on paper and put the chick on the paper, that little chick will peck smack dab in the middle of the X. Repeatedly… for a long time… hehe    8> X

• The post office isn’t fond of chicken hatching season and they are very glad when you pick up your noisy hungry batch of 25 or more peepers. VERY glad… Gee, I think they sound cute. But then I think the guineas sound cute, too, so what do I know?

Okay, now that you have all your chickie facts straight, here is one more fun factoid:


The first person who guessed correctly which egg really goes with which hen is *tada* Splendid Little Stars!

Here are the Mamas and their eggs ~
Light brown = B, Brown #1 = F, Brown #2 = A, Green eggs #1 and #2 = C & D, and Buddy, "E", still has not laid an egg ;-)  Totally a rooster!
I also decided to draw a name from all of the people who posted a comment this week and Marlene won that contest!

Congrats to my winners! Hope you had an eggs-stremely good time playing my matching game contest!  Check out this post if you would like to see what they won.


  1. Oh My, what a surprise! I am the lucky one this past week or so starting with the 7 card draw, Guess Mr. Random Dude finally came to visit, must be the chocolate cake I left out. Thank you so much Kathy. I enjoyed learning about the chickies.

  2. Wow! That's totally amazing! I guessed right! woohoo! I did go about it a little intuitively, though, with my extremely minimal knowledge.
    Thanks, Kathy!!!

  3. Congrats to you both!

    Thanks for playing, Marlene - and thanks for leaving out the chocolate cake ;-) we all know that the Random Dude LOVES his chocolate cake!

    hehe - Splendid - looks like you did very well!

  4. This was such a fun contest :) Congrats to Margaret!!!


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