Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Etsy Blogger Blogger of the Month loveliness!!!

I know you have been waiting to see who is the Etsy Blogger for the month of April ~ wait no more! 

Pam of MagdaleneJewels and MagdaleneKnits is our featured blogger this month!  Pam has been an EtsyBlogger since September of 2008 and she also is in charge of posting our EtsyMini Mondays event for the team.  On top of that ~ she is VERY talented and has her lovely creations in two shops Etsy.

Check out what I found in her MagdaleneKnits shop on Etsy ~

Gee, I wonder why I like this so much!  *roflol*

She has lots of wonderful creations in her knit shop for kids and adults!  And ~ she has an amazing jewelry shop, MagdaleneJewels.  Look what I found hiding in there ~
Isn't this gorgeous!  Love it!

Pam also finds a bit of time to share her life on her blog, MagdeleneJewels' Blogs.  Be sure to check out her very cute Easter photos there!  Those kids are soooo cute!

Check out the great talent in the EtsyBloggers Team next time you are cruising through Etsy.  Just type 'etsybloggers' in when you search for 'all items'.  You will be amazed!

Happy eye candy!


  1. Kathleen - thanks for a great blog on my shops. The pendant on the necklace is made by another etisan: from the Bbest team ZudaGay. I have used a few of her pendants in my work and have done custom orders for her. Thanks again.
    Glad you loved the little "bunnies"

  2. You are welcome! Wow - I love ZudaGay's pendants and I thought this looked a lot like hers. Lovely way that you used it! Very cute bunnies *winks*

  3. Everything in her Knit Shop just makes me want to snuggle!!! Such great jewelry items too!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the necklace!!! Also quite happy that I have boys - I can imagine how much money I would spend on all the cute knit items if I had a girl :)

  5. The yellow in the necklace looks great with the baby clothes!

  6. Thanks everyone! I agree - her shops are lovely! lol - and I am one of those with all girls *winks* so many cute things... hehe!

  7. Lovely feature on Pam's beautiful creations!

  8. Thanks - she is really talented!


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