Sunday, April 25, 2010

A bazillion errands and a few hours... Will it all get done?

Yesterday was...  well, it was a busy Saturday!
  • 7 AM leave house... arive in Prescott almost an hour later... to find lots of traffic and not much parking because there is a ton of stuff going on downtown =p
  • Go to Bible study =)  Very fun today - and glad I was not too late!
"Keep the Focus" by Emma L. Fenton
  • Off to Fry's...  gorceries... and a very noisy cart!  *lol* and a few nice words to a frazzled clerk who was fielding constant complaints due to the store remodeling - hope she had a better rest of her day!
  • Go to Walgreen's... unscheduled stop =p
  • Stop at the health food store - Maggie needs her pills *laughs*
  • Dash to Costco and race through with blinders on 8-/ buying only what is on my list...
  • Stop on the way back to Chino Valley to drop off recycling... oh, yeah!
  • Post Office in Chino - wasn't I just here???
  • Gas station...  yep, out of gas again...  *sigh*
  • Safeway...  only because Fry's didn't have some of the stuff I need and I didn't want to buy Costco quantities =p
  • Up to my sister's house to visit with the dogs and drop off their mail...  they will be home soon!  woohoo!
  • *whew* heading out to Paulden...
  • 2:30 PM...  parked in my driveway and wondering who will unload all this schtuff for me...  Oh yeah.  I would unload it for me... if I could make my feet move =p
  • *collapse*
But, hey - I smiled all day - and 'kept my focus'!   Emma gave me "Keep the Focus"  last year and I love it.  It sits on my computer desk as a great reminder to keep my focus on the Lord.

Hope you are having a great in-focus day!


  1. *roflol* Carole, I am still tired =p

  2. absolutely, Kathy! That's the way to get through any day! And have joy in your heart and a song on your lips while doing it!

  3. Ha! I have days like that! Thankfully not this weekend. Guess you've come back to work for a rest!

  4. Kathy I got tired just reading about your day. I Love the painting of the horse in the previous post - he it gorgeous. I am still in the mountains, should be home sometime today.

  5. Ah... enjoy your rest, Marlenek!

    LOL - thankfully, Julie - I have a few quiet days to catch up now =)

    Oh, so very true, Splendid!

  6. Whew, I am exhausted Kathy, you need to slow down before I fall down! LMAO

  7. *roflol* Pam, I will go and sit down for both of us! lol! Glad you liked my little drawing =)


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