Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Artist's "block"? Here are some helpful ideas! ~ Wednesday's Words

Need a way to see past "artist's block"?  White paper got you down?  No ideas, no desire to create...  NO!  NO!  Here's help to see your way through "artist's block" and jump start your creativity!

  • Just mess around!  Bet you can create something way better than my little 'block' there!  *winks*
  • Take a class!  There is nothing like a group of artists in one room all sharing ideas to really give your creativity a jump start.
  • Keep a notebook by your bed.  Did you ever wake up with a great idea, but when you sit down to create you can't remember what it was?  Keep a notebook by your bed and jot down all of those great early morning or late night ideas.
  • Take a walk in a new place.  Go to the park, visit the zoo, go bird watching - a new place to visit will give you lots of inspiration.  Don't forget to take your camera to record all of those inspirations!
  • Check out an art exhibit.  Find a gallery or museum and plan to spend an afternoon just soaking up ideas and surrounding yourself with artwork.
  • Visit your local art or craft store and see what's new.  A new 'toy' is a great jumpstart to creativity!
  • If you usually paint inside, grab your paints and go outside and create. 
  • Use a different media.  Sometimes we just need a change!  Don't worry - it's allowed ;-)
  • Start an art journal.  Need ideas?  Check out my "Thursday's Thoughts" and you can watch my jounal adventure unfold.
Well, there's a bunch of ideas for you.  Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday's Words and that you will have a very creative week!



  1. Thank you very much for this inspiring post. I've lost my muse lately.

  2. Thanks for dropping by! I hope this little post will refresh your muse and fill you with lots of new ideas! I appreciate the follow, too =)

  3. Great ideas :)
    I always keep a notebook I just need to organize all those notes...LOL!

  4. Great ideas...I have a sketch book where I write quotations that I use in my art work. When I have artist's block, I "doodle," draw or paint illustrations for the quotes.

  5. great ideas...the notebook one...I have some stashed everywhere I tend to be...couch, bed, sewing table, purse...:P

  6. I concur with the above! Great, simple ideas that will get ya going! I've thought about an artist journal - never really considered myself an artist, but once in a while, I will surprise myself! Thanks!

  7. Thanks Kathy, all great ideas, now to just find the time.

  8. Hi Kathy, have you drawn your grands lately or ever?

  9. These are great ideas.
    My husband and I both feel that we need to have notebooks by our bed and I love taking classes when I get the opportunity.

  10. Great ideas all - while I am not an artist, per se, I am a craftswoman and have used these ideas in one form or another. My greatest "block buster" is to teach a class! I don't always get a lot done on my own project, but I do see things from a fresh perspective. Thanks for the blockbuster ideas, Kathy! And I love your eye peeking out through the flower and cheese! Hey, we all see things differently - LOL!!

  11. great suggestions! I agree with leaving a notebook by your bedside. I don't know how many times I have a great idea, and tell myself I will for sure remember in the morning. Of course, it never happens, lol!

  12. Thanks for all your great comments =) Wonderful ideas from you - glad I am not the only one who has a notebook everywhere! LOL - maybe I will do a post about some notebook organization if I find a way to conquer that ;-) Could that be the key to finding more time? lol!

    Love the idea of teaching a class or even sharing a tutorial or a little one on one instruction. It's a great way to jump start your creativity!

    Fusion - I have drawn and painted my grands, but I have never posted any of those images. I do have a couple that are really fun.

  13. Great ideas! LOL Cute artists block, is that your eye ball ?

  14. Thanks, Pam! hehe - yep, that would be me - or at least my eye *winks*


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