Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Words of wisdom from Mikayla

Mikayla:  I hear the guineas *runs to window to look outside*

me:  They are fun to watch, aren't they!

Mikayla:  Yes.

me:  I love to listen to them, too!

Mikayla:  Why? *incredulous voice from six year old miniature adult staring at obviously deranged bigger adult*

me:  *picks self up off of floor from laughing so hard*

So, what do you think?  melodious? or not?

This video isn't mine, but I can't get my video to load on my blog *winks* or you would hear the same sweet little song from my guinea birds!



  1. Cute! I agree with Mikayla, at first it would be fun to hear them but it might be just a little irritating if the kept it up. Which I know they do as my in-laws had them.

  2. I love to hear them too - but then I also love to hear peacocks and grackles!

  3. we used to have guinea hens at the museum, walking around on the grounds and in the park. They are all gone now... Miss then...

  4. How funny! I hadn't heard a guinea hen before but I think I would have asked the same question!

  5. Marlene - when we had 25 of them, it was really hard to have a conversation near them ;-)

    lol - and geese, too, Karin ;-)

    Totally, memories - and definitely in this family they do =p

    I love having them, story =) they brighten up my day!

    funny, Beaded ;-)

  6. LOL I have never heard them. Sounds like they are saying "Get back, get back, get back, get back, get back, get back, get back, get back, get back, get back... Cute!

  7. hmmm...sounds like rap
    also "get back, get back..."
    It wouldn't take long, I suppose, to find them irritating. Then I guess you would just block out the sound.

  8. LOL - Pam, funny ;-) it does sound a bit like that. Others have said it sounds like 'buckwheat'.

    It's one of those sounds, Splendid, that you either love or you don't =p hehe - They make me laugh, so maybe that's why I like their call so much.


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