Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Waiting for the next big leaky rain storm...

Okay, the last big rain storm - well, yeah, I had the bucket all ready.  If the wind blows and the rain is heavy, I have a little water blow in the vent and drip a little.  Just a little.  But ~ action stations ~ I am ready!

So, I heard the drip drip drip...  and I did feel quite silly looking up to the ceiling waiting for the water...  then, I turned around and...

say what????

um.....  huh?

Ya know, I don't make these things up ~ they just happen to me!  *roflol*

And yeah - I told myself to NOT touch that!  But I had to and it was weird.  It felt like one of those gel pad deals you use for the computer.  And, no, I didn't poke a hole in it.  I just walked away.  And came back.  and walked away.  and came back.  and walked away and went to bed shaking my head all the way.

So we are waiting for the next big storm to see if there is another mystery bubble.  If there is, then my friend/contractor is going to go play on the roof.  With lots of goopy smelly sticky stuff.

So have you ever had a water bubble under your paint when it rained?  *roflol*  I'm not sure whether I want to see it again ~ or have it just be a once in a lifetime adventure =p

Hope you are not floating away in the rains!

PS  The phrase 'action stations' comes from a great movie ~ Back Home ~ with Haley Mills as an adult.  It's about a young girl who had been sent to America during WWII and is now returning home.  You'll have to watch the movie to find out what it means, though *winks* 

PPSS ~ and yes, I am wild and whacky and my living room walls are red *big grin*


  1. I actually had this happen to me twice in my old appartment. Once was in the hall and the other was in the bathroom ceiling. They actuall do poke a hole in them sometimes because if they dont it will rip the ceiling down. The really good things is that once the water drains the paint shrinks back as it drys up if its laytex. Unfortunately you do need to go in and find the cause of the leak and fix it because it can do a lot more damage than bubble your paint.

    The worse thing I ever had happen was getting ready for an important meeting and as I stepped out of the bathroom a waterfall started pooring out of my ceiling fan..right in the spot I had been standing in seconds before. The apartment above me had a leaky pipe in their shower. What fun.

    Just goes to show it its always something LOL ~Linda

  2. Oh Kathleen...ugh to weird water bubbles! It does look pretty funny though :)

    We just had a huge storm in Melbourne last weekend and hubs and I had the buckets under our overflowing eaves! But thankfully, no weird water bubbles.

  3. uh...oh! That sounds like something Ruthie experienced in her old apartment.
    The movie sounds intriguing.

  4. I would have touched it too...LOL!

    Ruthie had a huge water bubble in her walls!!!

    Love the red :)

  5. That looks so strange. How could you not touch it? I love the red.

  6. Kathy, I am not surprised it happened to you and yes I would have touched it and I would have poked a hole in it. I would want to drain the water so it didn't sit on my wall under the paint, I would be afraid of mold growing from the moisture. Hope you can get it fixed.

  7. I would have poked it. You have great restraint.

    I was gonna mention Ruthie's peeing walls & bubbles also, looks like some people beat me to it :P

  8. Well I was all set to tell you about my wall bubble that turned into a peeing wall - but apparently that's a well remembered story :P

  9. I've never had it happen to me personally but I remember Ruthie's peeing wall too!

    Fun red walls by the way! Love anyone that's not afraid of color - no white walls for me!

  10. roflol - so glad that I am not alone, Ruthie *winks* Thanks everyone for the fun comments - and leaky stories! Oh, my!

    And glad you like my red walls - nope - not afraid of color *winks*

  11. Yes you are wacky but I love you for it! LOL Boy I missed reading your blog!

  12. My goodness, Kathy. You can't make this stuff up. LOL One thing after another. Now here in Florida we would be worried due to mold. I would be very tempted to poke it with a pin so it will leak out but not ruin your walls....hopefully...LOL

  13. Thanks, Pam ;-) Glad you could stop by, busy lady!

    Yeah, Carole, I think the pin would have been a good idea. I admit being a scardy-cat on that - I thought it might explode and peel the paint off the wall =p


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