Thursday, March 18, 2010

Virutal pARTy fun - this time in the snow!

I love joining the Virtual pARTy fun!  It forces me not to paint every hair on a horse =p  Not much can stop me from doing that; however, the main rule for the Virtual pARTy is that your painting has to be completed within 24 hours!  That means I can only paint every other hair *laughs*  Check out The Virtual pARTy blog for all the details - and join in the fun next time.

This time we had this very cool photo from Linda Shantz of Bellator, a young Warmblood gelding that lives at Inish'Or Farm in Puslinch, Ontario.

Okay, 1:24pm - ready, set, go!

Looking good so far, but I want some snow....

um....  maybe not snow like this...

I decided to use gouache and a tooth brush to put some snowflakes in the painting.  I have done this to add texture to rocks before and liked the results.  Not so happy with it for snow...  I had a zillion white freckles.  Okay, it's gouache.  A little water and *poof* instant "no freckles".  Of course, it was basically one freckle at a time, but - hey, who's worried about wasted time?  I have 24 hours to finish this - and about one hour before the six year old and three year old grandkids arrive with two greyhounds and two rats.  No worries!  I got it all under control.  Yeah...  Under. Control.

Okay, now I am happy with the snow flakes and I have added some 'frosting' on this big boy.  I think I made him a bit colder than he was - hehe - but I like the way the little frosty ears look.

This was a very fun painting to do and I had it mostly finished by dinner time.  (Note, I said 'mostly'!)  I love the contrast of the colors and the limited palette (I only used six colors plus the white gouache). I simplified the composition a little so that the focus would stay on this pretty boy's face.

And, yes, kids, dogs and rats all arrived safely - and, since it is time to let the dogs out for one last romp before I go to sleep, I will let you peruse the pARTy fun and help yourself to the *virtual* chips and dip. 

'night all


  1. I love this one, super.

    You have a blog Sunshine award to pick up, if you would like to join in, no pressure though. Lindax

  2. I really like this concept, It sound like it forces you to think outside "your" box.

  3. Thank you, Pam =)

    Thank you, Linda - I appreciate the award!

    Thanks, Marlene =)

    Indeed, Beantree - I usually work WAY too slowly and I get WAY too detailed. This has also taught me to put a lot more thought into a painting prior to starting anything because there isn't a lot of time to do prelimenary sketches, etc.


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