Friday, March 12, 2010

Uber Goober Mudder.... Funtry Friday!

Ah *deep breath* the beauty of the morning sunlight glistening on the...
on the...
um....  yeah....  let's just leave it at glistening, okay?!

It was really pretty, though!  Yeah, well - maybe you had to be there.  Oh, wait, no - I am pretty sure you wouldn't have wanted to be right there.  Good thing I got this great picture of Billie Jane and the shimmering *um* ground =p

Hey - we had company out there enjoying the beautiful morning views with us, too.

Izzy (short for Isabella) and Raven - oh, wait - they are looking at the camera, not the pretty scenery...  And, oh, yeah - Whinny - well, she appears to be sleeping behind  Raven.

yeah,  Hershey and Billie Jane are eating...

Well, it would appear that I am the only one fascinated by the beauty of the sunlight glinting on the....  ummm....  *uber goober* out there.

And - I am sure you are equally fascinated...  um.. aren't you?  ah...  please???  Aw, come on - somebody out there has to like the lovely light shining on the lake of ...  errrr...  *uber goo pooh*

Or maybe I just had a little too much country fun today *winks*



  1. After all the rain and clouds we've matter what that sun is shining on...I Love It :)

  2. Kathy the animals are great, only you can be that excited about glistening goo.

  3. They look lovely!

    Silk N Style

  4. Oh what beautiful, glorious, shining mud thou dost have!

  5. me, too, memories!

    hehe - Marlene, very true ;-)

    Thanks, Julie - the horses are really pretty in person, too! I have sketched and painted all of them =)

    Ah, blessings upon thy crown, noble Splendid! I doth believe it ith the additives =p

  6. Who cares what the sun shines on as long as it is shining!! In case you didn't notice, I am really ready for some nice weather.

  7. Don't worry - I totally understand!

  8. lol - thanks on both counts, Ruthie and Carole ;-)

  9. LOL Beautiful horses in the shimmering light!


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